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Christopher Thomas is a partner with Hogan Lovells in Brussels. For the last 20 years or so, he has been helping clients caught up in European Commission investigations of alleged cartels and abuse of dominance, and successfully navigating the EU and national merger control process. These days, defending clients’ interests also means coordinating competition law investigations across Europe and globally, which is what Christopher does in close cooperation with his colleagues in Washington, D.C., Beijing and elsewhere. Christopher also appears regularly as an advocate before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the EU. Today, Christopher is deputy head of our global Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation practice.


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2181 Bulletin

Christopher Hutton, Matt Giles, Falk Schöning, Christopher Thomas, Harrison Gower The EU Commission adopts guidelines on "solo self-employed" persons and their collective bargaining rights


The European Commission has adopted guidelines addressing the application of EU competition law to the "solo self-employed". The guidelines clarify situations in which certain self-employed individuals may work collectively to seek improvements in working conditions without falling foul of (...)

Christopher Thomas, Myrto Tagara, Alexandra Bray The EU Commission publishes proposed rules for the regulation of digital services by imposing a series of ex-ante behavioral obligations on entities that are considered ‘gatekeepers’


The European Commission has today published the long awaited Digital Markets Act proposal. The Proposed Regulation imposes a series of ex ante behavioural obligations on entities that the Commission designates as ‘gatekeepers’. The obligations for those designated platforms and the potential (...)

Christopher Thomas, Raphael Fleischer, Sabrina Borocci, Angus Coulter, Casto Gonzalez-Paramo The EU Commission vets public statements of Eurocommerce for the non-food retailers to take measures against the major crisis due to COVID-19


In the world of COVID-19, companies must not quarantine competition law compliance. Competition law will not be at the top of companies’ agendas today. COVID-19 presents companies with many challenges. Companies will be looking for whatever solutions they can find to deal with this crisis. (...)

Falk Schöning, Christopher Thomas, Sabrina Borocci, Myrto Tagara, Suyong Kim, Eric Paroche, Ákos Kovách The EU Commission announces that companies were encouraged to delay new merger notifications until further notice because of the complexities and disruptions caused by the current COVID-19 outbreak


The current COVID-19 pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges on our public health systems and communities. It is also heavily impacting economic activity, including for companies in the midst of M&A or joint venture transactions. Deals that are subject to merger control review in the (...)

Stephanie Tsui, PJ Kaur, Adrian Emch, Katie Hellings, Christopher Thomas, Eugene Low The Hong Kong Competition Authority publishes a cooperation and settlement policy expanding its leniency program


On 29 April 2019, the Hong Kong Competition Commission (’HKCC’) published the Cooperation and Settlement Policy for Undertakings Engaged in Cartel Conduct (’Cooperation Policy’). In essence, the Cooperation Policy expands HKCC’s Leniency Policy, published in November 2015, just before the full (...)

Christopher Thomas, Dina Jubrail, Gianni De Stefano The EU Court of Justice issues a preliminary ruling on the liability for anti-competitive behaviour by employees and outside contractors (VM Remonts)


Liability for anti-competitive behaviour by your employees and outside contractors : when you are off the hook and when you are not* In its recent VM Remonts judgment, the Court of Justice of the EU has confirmed the strict liability of companies for the anti-competitive behaviour of their (...)

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Christopher Thomas, Daniel E. Shulak, Gal Rozent, Gianni De Stefano, Katherine L. Kay, Katie Hellings, Raz Agranat, Yoshitoshi Imoto Extradition and antitrust law : Businessmen involved in global cartels extradited to foreign countries


Au fur et à mesure que les juridictions criminalisent les cartels qui violent le droit de la concurrence et augmentent leur coopération avec les autres pays, la menace de l’extradition dans les affaires mondiales de cartel devient de plus en plus une réalité. Les extraditions réussies, (...)



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