André Marques Gilberto

Chaves, Gelman, Machado, Gilberto e Barboza (São Polo)
Lawyer (Founding Partner)

André Marques Gilberto is a founding partner of CGM - Chaves, Gelman, Machado, Gilberto e Barboza. André has extensive experience in Brazilian economic and administrative law. He assisted Brazilian and foreign companies before several governmental entities and agencies in respect of virtually all matters related to competition and public law. Since 2007, Chambers Latin America has recognized André as a leading individual, being described by clients as “an expert who is clear, objective and always available”, “an assertive, objective and sharp lawyer who really knows his subject” and a lawyer “with great technical knowledge, fully aware of the business environment and strong ability to solve problems”.

Auteurs associés

New York University
World Bank (Nairobi)
Competition Consulting Asia
SKP Group
University of Johannesburg
The Brattle Group
Levy & Salomao (Rio de Janeiro)
DeHeng Law Offices (Brussels)


André Marques Gilberto
André Marques Gilberto 24 octobre 2014 New York


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