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Virginie Viallard

Reinhart Marville Torre (Paris)

Virginie Viallard is a Partner at Reinhart Marville Torre in Paris, where she is a member of the antitrust and competition law practice group. She has previously worked at Viguié Schmidt & Associés, Bredin Prat, Darrois Villey, and Magenta.Virginie graduated from University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, where she specialized in competition law and obtained a PhD. Her PhD thesis analyses the merger assessment criteria under European and American law (“Le critère d’appréciation substantielle des concentrations, étude comparée des droits communautaire et américain”, Dalloz, 2007).

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Reinhart Marville Torre (Paris)


26797 Bulletin

Didier Theophile, Virginie Viallard The French Minister of Economy grants phase I clearance to a merger in the market for property services without remedy (Banque Federale des Banques Populaires / Foncia)


In his decision dated 26 March 2007, the French Minister granted a clearance to the acquisition of sole control of Foncia Groupe by Banque Fédérale des Banques Populaires (“BFBP”). BFBP, which is controlled by 19 Banque Populaire regional banks, CASDEN Banque Populaire, and Crédit (...)

Didier Theophile, Virginie Viallard The French Minister of Economy grants clearance to a merger in the measurement and billing of energy sector, subject to divestiture and granting of software and brand licenses (Ista / Celliande)


In its decision dated 28 September 2006, the French Minister of Economy granted a conditional clearance of the acquisition of all of shares of the French company Celliande by Ista International GmbH (hereinafter “Ista Group”). The Minister required that the acquirer divest its own company as a (...)


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