Tom Cleaver

Blackstone Chambers (London)
Lawyer (Barrister)

Tom’s work covers all aspects of public and human rights law, for both claimants and respondents. Tom has experience of a wide range of European law, particularly EU telecommunications law and competition law. He also has experience of a range of large and complex commercial cases, often with a substantial international element. Tom is a Trustee of the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association.


188 Bulletin

Tom Cleaver The EU Court of Justice upholds that a regulation introducing a system of compulsory training for chartered accountants may fall within the scope of the interdiction in Article 101(1) TFEU (OTOC)


Anticompetitive behaviour by professional regulators – Wouters naturalised* The ECJ’s judgment in Case C-309/99 Wouters – that the Dutch legal regulator was an association of undertakings for the purposes of competition law, but that its prohibition on partnerships between lawyers and accountants (...)

Tom Cleaver The England and Wales Court of Appeal rules that it was neither appropriate nor necessary to align the resolution of referred disputes to English common law causes of action and remedies (BT)


As long as the regulator’s foot* The Court of Appeal’s remarks in BT v Ofcom (Partial Private Circuits) make Ofcom’s dispute-resolution power a still more distinctive alternative to court litigation, and in the right circumstances a more attractive one. The appeal arose out of a dispute, brought (...)

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