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Hausfeld (London)

Tom Bolster is a partner at Hausfeld based in London. He represents clients in several competition law claims and was one of the lead associates and primary client contact in the air cargo claims in the High Court, and now in the trucks litigation in the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), two of the largest competition damages action brought in Europe to date. Tom has acted for several leading automotive manufacturers in pursuing damages claims relating to the car glass, bearings, maritime car carrier and other auto-part cartels. He also represented several of the major European railway companies in their claim relating to the carbon graphite cartel and acted for claimants in connection with the methionine, feed phosphates and industrial bags cartels. Having lived and worked in different countries around the world, Tom Bolster has an ease and confidence in communicating with clients from all corners of the globe. Combined with his language skills – he is fluent in French and German - this ensures a smooth working relationship with clients across a variety of countries and sectors. Prior to joining Hausfeld, Tom Bolster worked at the London and Hong Kong offices of Baker & McKenzie LLP.

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1161 Bulletin

Tom Bolster, Stella Gartagani, Nanret Senok The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal sets new precedent on the ability of defendants to rely on their own experts in the field of competition economics in multi-defendant private actions (PSA / Autoliv)


The Competition Appeal Tribunal has set new precedent on the ability of defendants to rely on their own experts in the field of competition economics in multi-defendant private actions. In a groundbreaking ruling handed down yesterday, the Tribunal held that there is no presumption that (...)

Tom Bolster, Amandine Gueret, Antoine Riquier The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal endorses the award of compound interest in a damages claim against the truck cartel as opposed to simple interest to reflect the “real world” and the economic and commercial reality of businesses (Royal Mail / DAF Trucks)


How much is £1 from 1997 worth now ? Such a question may appear very simple at the outset. However, ask it twice and you will probably obtain two different answers. Applied in the context of a damages claim in a lawsuit, a number of parameters need to be considered to properly address this (...)

Alexandre Predal, Tom Bolster, Wessen Jazrawi The Paris Court of Appeal partially overturns the Competition Authority’s decision concerning a Big Tech company’s distribution practices, and reduces the fine imposed by two-thirds (Apple)


In a ruling dated 6 October 2022, the Paris Court of Appeal partially annulled a 2020 decision by the French competition authority (the Autorité) against Apple and two Apple products wholesalers, Tech Data and Ingram Micro. This ruling struck a blow to the Autorité, as the period for one (...)

Boris Bronfentrinker, Nicola Boyle, Tom Bolster The EU Court of Justice allows an interpretation of the matter of civil liability according to which a cartel member may be kept liable for damages caused by umbrella pricing (Kone / ÖBB)


Greater scope for cartel damages recovery following the Court of Justice’s ruling that cartelists are liable for “umbrella” damages resulting from the higher prices paid to non-cartelists* On 5 June 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) clarified the full extent of cartel (...)


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