Tarik Hennen

BECI (Brussels)
Digital strategy consultant

A Digital strategy consultant at BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry), Tarik focuses his practice on European and Belgian Competition law and general European law. Tarik has been involved in proceedings before the General Court of the European Union(cartel, State aid, and public procurement cases) and national courts. Tarik is also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of SmartWorks and Smartflats. Tarik holds an LL.M from King’s College London (2006-2007) and a Master degree in European Competition Law and Intellectual Property for the University of Liege (ULg, 2004-2005). He worked as a research fellow with the Institute for European Legal Studies (ULg) and published a number of articles on European and Belgian Competition law. Since March 2010, he also serves as Executive Secretary of the Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC) based in the College of Europe (Bruges).


102432 Bulletin

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Brussels Court of Appeal awards damages for active sales breaching an exclusive distribution agreement (Horas International / Rexit)


The facts The appellant in this case is a Belgian firm whose business activities consist in distributing furniture and accessories (hereafter the “distributor”). The defendant is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of furniture (hereafter the “manufacturer”). In 1985, the (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Belgian Competition Authority fines the Association Sportive Automobile Francophone for an abuse of dominant position relating to sporting rules (ETE-KILT / ASAF)


Background The present case was initiated by two Dunlop tires distributors which complained about alleged anti-competitive sporting regulations on the part of a Belgian sporting organisation in the field of kart racing. The “Association Sportive Automobile Francophone” (“ASAF”) is a non-profit (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Finnish Competition Authority states that rebates granted by pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies are unlawful on the basis of both EC and national competition provisions (pharmaceutical rebates)


In Finland, pharmaceutical companies very often offer to pharmacies rebates on the wholesale price of drugs. Typically, they try to attract pharmacies by granting them generous additional rebates on all their products. As such, rebates granted by a furnisher to its distributors do not raise (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Brussels Court of Appeal rules that the major national collecting society has abused its dominant position after having received an opinion from the EU Commission (SABAM / Productions & Marketing)


The Parties The case opposed the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers (SABAM) and Productions & Marketing (P&M), a company whose business activities consist of the organization of concerts and musical events. Background In 2000 and 2001, P&M organized Charles (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Hungarian Competition Council finds 8 construction companies guilty of bid rigging in respect of a road construction contract (Municipality of Budapest)


In a public procurement concerning the construction of roads in the municipality of Budapest, eight construction companies have been found guilty of bid-rigging. In a nutshell, they decided among themselves which company would get the contract by coordinating their tenders in advance during (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Hungarian Competition Authority finds that the telecommunications incumbent abused its dominant position by setting excessively high wholesale prices for network access (Magyar Telekom)


On 6 September 2005, the Hungarian Competition Authority found Magyar Telekom guilty of abuse of dominance by setting supra competitive wholesale prices for network access to “toll-free” and “reduced-toll” telephone numbers - the so called “coloured numbers”. In Hungary, “toll-free” and (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Danish Competition Authority finds that Skoda importer abused its dominant position for operating a system of fidelity rebates (Pradan Auto Import)


On 31 August 2005 the Danish Competition Council decided that Skandinavisk Motor Co. (hereinafter “SMC”), formerly Pradan Auto Import, had abused its dominant position under section 11 of The Danish Competition Act (the Danish provision similar to article 82 EC) on the original Skoda spare parts’ (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Tarik Hennen The Court of First Instance of Charleroi considers a copyright exclusivity clause to be pro-competitive and awards damages for the breach of the clause by videotapes sellers (GPFI / DGD / VRP)


Background The proceedings in that case were initiated by GPFI, Belga Film, Cinélibre, la Médiathèque de la Communauté française de Belgique and Super Video Production respectively copyright holder and licensees of the movie “Un homme à ma taille”. The complainants sued DGD and VRP, two companies (...)

5529 Revue

Bernard van de Walle de Ghelcke, Denis Waelbroeck, Eric Morgan de Rivery, Filippo Amato, Jacques Bourgeois, Leonardo Armati, Marc van der Woude, Massimo Merola, Matthew Levitt, Tarik Hennen Towards an optimal enforcement of competition rules in Europe : Time for a review of regulation 1/2003 ?


La 5ème conférence annuelle du Global Competition Law Centre, organisée à Bruxelles les 11 et 12 juin 2009, était dédiée à l’étude lancée par la Commission pour la révision du Règlement 1/2003. Les contributions présentées ici sont la synthèse de six groupes de travail : I - Le régime de l’exception légale et (...)

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