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Steven is partner at Ashurst in London. Steven specialises in EU and UK competition law, advising clients in a range of industries on mergers, abuse of dominance, market investigations, cartels and appeals. He has advised on a number of highly significant cases, including the appeals of the largest antitrust fines imposed in the UK (for Imperial Tobacco) and EU (for Intel), the CMA’s phase 2 retail banking investigation (for Lloyds) and a phase 2 merger involving price control remedies (for Imerys).

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Steven Vaz, Natasha Gromof The EU General Court quashes the Commission’s €1B fine against a chip manufacturer due to multiple procedural failings and flawed analysis of the effect on competition (Qualcomm)


On 15 June 2022, the General Court quashed the European Commission’s 2018 decision which found that Qualcomm had abused its dominant position by making exclusivity payments to Apple in relation to the supply of LTE chipsets. The General Court annulled the decision in its entirety, on the basis (...)

Nigel Parr, Steven Vaz The EU General Court partially annuls the Commission’s decision to impose a €1.06B fine on a semiconductor chip manufacturer for its abuse of dominance (Intel)


On 26 January 2022, the General Court ("GC") partially annulled the European Commission’s decision to impose a EUR 1.06 billion fine on Intel for abusing its dominant position ("Decision"). The fine was annulled in full. Applying the principles outlined in the European Court of Justice’s ("ECJ") (...)

Steven Vaz, Edward McNeill The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal confirms infringement in paroxetine pay-for-delay case but slashes fines (Generics - UK / GlaxoSmithKline / Actavis / Xellia Pharmaceuticals / Merck / Alpharma)


The judgment was handed down by the Competition Appeal Tribunal ("CAT") in the paroxetine pay-for-delay case in 2018. However, the CAT decided to wait for a preliminary ruling from the European Court of Justice ("ECJ") on certain questions before determining the remaining grounds of appeal. (...)

Nigel Parr, Steven Vaz The UK Competition Authority launches the Digital Markets Unit to introduce, maintain and enforce a code of conduct regulating the provision of digital and online services


On 7 April 2021, the Digital Markets Unit ("DMU") was launched within the Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA"). The DMU will, in the future, be tasked with oversight of the UK’s new digital regulatory regime, with powers and duties enshrined in legislation. Key takeaways The DMU has (...)

Steven Vaz, Laura Carter The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal dismisses the appeal of a Northern Irish producer against its £25.4 million fine for participating in a cartel concerning the supply of concrete drainage products (FPM)


In October 2019, the Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA") imposed fines totalling £36 million on three Northern Irish concrete producers, including FP McCann ("FPM"), for participating in a cartel in relation to the supply of concrete drainage products between July 2006 and March 2013 (see (...)

Steven Vaz, Tom Punton The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal upholds the appeal brought by a company for a merger in the sports retail sector in light of the COVID-19 pandemic (JD Sports / Footasylum)


On 13 November 2020, the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal ("CAT") published its judgment in relation to the merger of JD Sports and Footasylum. The merger was prohibited by the UK Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA") in May, but JD Sports appealed. The CAT partially upheld the appeal and the (...)

Euan Burrows, Neil Cuninghame, Alexi Dimitriou, Duncan Liddell, Nigel Parr, Steven Vaz The UK Government lowers the notification thresholds of merger control and issues guidance on these changes


Lower notification thresholds under UK merger control for certain additional sectors impacting national security entered into force on 21 July. The lower thresholds now cover transactions related to the development, production, supply or research of : artificial intelligence (new) cryptographic (...)

Alexi Dimitriou, Nigel Parr, Steven Vaz, Michael Holzhäuser The EU Commission launches a sector inquiry into the Internet of Things for consumer-related products and services in the EU


Sector inquiry launched into the Internet of Things On 16 July 2020, the European Commission ("Commission") launched an antitrust competition inquiry into the sector of Internet of Things ("IoT") for consumer-related products and services in the EU. The inquiry complements other actions (...)

Euan Burrows, Neil Cuninghame, Laura Carter, Steven Vaz The UK High Court disqualifies a company director for taking part in a competition law breach in the real estate sector (Michael Martin)


The first competition disqualification order to come to trial has resulted in a company director, Michael Martin, being disqualified for seven years. In its judgment of 7 July 2020, the UK High Court found that Mr Martin had contributed to Gary Berryman Estate Agents’ breach of competition law (...)

Euan Burrows, Steven Vaz The UK Government publishes a procurement policy note which sets out guidelines to contracting authorities on responding to the impact of COVID-19 when carrying out regulated procurement activities


Introduction In the light of the global outbreak of Covid-19, contracting authorities will need to procure goods, services and works in truly exceptional circumstances and, potentially, their requirements will be extremely urgent. Therefore, contracting authorities may have legitimate reasons (...)

Nigel Parr, Steven Vaz The UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act enters into force, setting a new Competition and Markets Authority with procedures facilitating faster and more effective information gathering and decision-making


This article outlines the key changes made to the UK competition regime following the enactment of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, which provided for the merger of the Office of Fair Trading and Competition Commission to form the new Competition and Markets Authority. The authors (...)

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Nigel Parr, Steven Vaz United Kingdom : Overview of the new competition regime


Cet article présente les modifications clés apportées au régime de la concurrence du Royaume-Uni, suite à l’adoption de la loi sur l’entreprise et la réforme réglementaire de 2013 ("the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013"), qui prévoit la fusion de l’Office of Fair Trading et de la Competition (...)

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