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Steffen Suehnel

PwC (Berlin)
Senior Manager Global incentives and State aid

Steffen Sühnel has been dealing with funding and state aid issues and grant registration for more than 20 years. He started as a state aid officer for the European Commission in Brussels, before continuing his career at PwC and EY. Steffen Sühnel’s clients include automotive manufacturers and suppliers, companies in the chemical and aerospace industries, banks, and public sector clients. In addition to his work as a consultant, he is the author of numerous specialist articles and a co-author in the current Nomos commentary on EU state aid law.

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254 Bulletin

Steffen Suehnel The EU Court of Justice clarifies the interpretation of the private investor principle in cases involving privatisations at a negative sales price (Gröditzer Stahlwerke)


"The market investor principle in privatisations – European Court of Justice upholds the Commission’s decision on Gröditzer Stahlwerke GmbH"* Introduction On 28 January 2003, the European Court of Justice (‘the Court’ or ‘the ECJ’) upheld (‘the judgement’) the Commission’s partially (...)


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