Tel Aviv University

Shai Bakal

Tel Aviv University, Tadmor Lavy & Co (Tel Aviv)
Head of Competition-Antitrust / Lecturer

Shai Bakal heads the firm’s competition/antitrust group. Shai Bakal’s practice covers all areas of antitrust law and regulation. He regularly advises and represents leading corporations in Israel and abroad with respect to complicated antitrust matters, including complex mergers, joint ventures, restrictive trade practices and abuse of dominant position proceedings. He is well acquainted with the different sectors of the Israeli economy, particularly the food, energy, retail, and banking sectors. Shai Bakal has created and implemented antitrust compliance programs for large Israeli companies and multinational corporations. Shai Bakal advises leading suppliers and retailers in Israel with respect to the recently-enacted food sector law as well as leading conglomerates regarding the new anti-concentration law. Shai represents clients in complex antitrust litigation before the Competition Tribunal and in civil litigation, including class actions and appeals before the Supreme Court. In addition, Shai has represented clients before various Israeli regulators, as well as in administrative petitions to the Israeli Supreme Court. Prior to joining the firm, Shai practiced law in the legal department of the ICA (2002-2007), where he was in charge, among others, of the food sector, retailing, and intellectual property. He was later appointed as the head of the ICA’s mergers team, where he participated in the International Competition Network’s subgroup for merger investigative techniques. Since 2011, Shai is also a lecturer at Tel Aviv University in the area of antitrust law, and particularly the interface between IP, innovation, and antitrust.

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Ahmet Buğra Aydın, Akira Inoue, Amanda Bodger, Arti Raghavan, Bilal Shaukat, Bill Batchelor, Chang-Sik Hwang, David Tadmor, Douwe Groenevelt, Farhad Sorabjee, Gillian Sproul, Gönenç Gürkaynak, Gustavo Flausino Coelho, Jean-Maxime Blutel, Kala Anandarajah, Khaled Attia, Kylie Sturtz, Madeleine Renaud, Marilyn Leblanc, Mario Vogl, Martin Nedelka, Matthew F. Jones, Nathalie Jalabert-Doury, Reeti Choudhary, Shai Bakal, Simon Albert, Simone Evans, Theodore L. Banks, Zeynep Ortaç Best practices for compliance programs : Results of an international survey


Les entreprises devraient toutes mettre en place des programmes de conformité au droit de la concurrence pour assurer le respect de ces règles complexes par leurs salariés. Ceci étant, il n’y a guère de cohérence dans la manière dont ces efforts de conformité sont percus par les autorités. Quelques (...)

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