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Sanrah Gozde Deniz

King’s College (London)
Ph.D. Student

Gozde Deniz Sanrah is a Ph.D. student at King’s College London and her main area of interest is international competition law and developing countries. Prior to her Ph.D., she worked as a competition lawyer at Esin Law Firm, Istanbul for two years. She holds an undergraduate degree in law from the Marmara University, Istanbul and an LL.M. degree in International Competition Law and Policy from the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

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1671 Bulletin

Sanrah Gozde Deniz The highest appellate court rejected the Turkish Competition Authority’s view on the appropriate amount of penalty for obstructing on-site investigations (Sodexho/Accor/Network)


The Turkish Competition Law includes two separate articles regulating two separate sanctions related to ‘hindering or complicating’on-site investigations. The wording of the law does not give any clear indication on whether there is a distinction between the scope of these two provisions. In (...)

Sanrah Gozde Deniz The Turkish Competition Board considers only the turnover in the relevant product market when calculating the fine for failure to notify a concentration (Sarten Ambalaj)


The Turkish Competition Board has explicitly ruled that it will calculate the monetary fine against failure to notify a concentration with reference to the turnover generated-by the parties to the transaction-in the relevant product market. Although the relevant provision under the Turkish (...)

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