Paul Hastings (Paris)

Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi

Paul Hastings (Paris)

Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi is a partner with the law firm Paul Hastings. He leads the litigation department and is in charge of business litigation and white collar criminal matters and directors’ and officers’ liability. He has developed a practice and high level of experience in commercial and business matters and in the area of white collar crime relating to cases requiring both excellent technical expertise in complex cases and a complete understanding of the economic, social, and financial context. In this respect he handles a current practice in commercial criminal courts and is known for his effective and efficient management of pre-litigation situations and risk-prevention steps, having experience that is well-recognized in this area.

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Paul Hastings (London)
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Paul Hastings (Paris)


273 Bulletin

Donna Goldsworthy, Miranda Thomas, Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi The EU Court of First Instance refuses to extend the protection of legal privilege in connection with EU competition investigations to communications between companies and their in‐house lawyers (Akzo Nobel)


The second‐highest court in Europe ruled recently that attorney‐client privilege does not apply to certain communications between companies and their in‐house counsel. In its ruling in Akzo Nobel Chemicals Limited v. Commission on 17 September 2007, the European Court of (...)


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