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Peter J. Carney

White & Case (Washington)

Peter J. Carney is a partner at White & Case. He represents domestic and foreign clients in complex civil litigation at all levels in federal and state courts. A significant part of his practice focuses on issues of international law and federal government regulation, particularly antitrust. He also has experience representing clients in international arbitration, including the World Bank’s ICSID forum and ad hoc international arbitration. Peter Carney regularly represents clients before federal government bodies, as well as before the courts in sensitive, high-profile investigations and proceedings. Peter Carney has represented clients in investigations and proceedings conducted by, among others, the US Department of Justice Antitrust Division, the FTC, the Securities Exchange Commission, Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


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1797 Bulletin

Jack Pace, Kristen O’Shaughnessy, Robert Milne, Peter J. Carney, Michael Gallagher, Mark J. Gidley, Kevin Adam The US Congress proposes a package of bills on drug pricing, including changes to the treatment of reverse payments, product hopping, sham petitions, and patent dancing


What’s next for drug pricing in the US ? Proposals to alter antitrust and patent laws may signal a renewed focus on drug pricing by federal lawmakers, while the growing web of state laws is expected to increase compliance challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. What’s changing ? A (...)

Kristen J. McAhren, Peter J. Carney The US Supreme Court overturns its long-standing prohibition against vertical agreements between manufacturers and their dealers setting minimum resale prices (Leegin Creative)


This article is part of a set of 5 articles released in Concurrences N°3-2008 : Resale price regulation : Leegin and much more * The authors gratefully acknowledge the contributions of summer associates Christel Green and Aaron McAllister. I. Introduction 1. In 2007, the Supreme Court of (...)

9870 Revue

Claire Chambolle, Dominique de Gramont, Hervé Fargues, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet, Jérôme Dubruille, Juliette Goyer, Kristen J. McAhren, Lucas Peeperkorn, Marie-Laure Allain, Peter J. Carney Le contrôle des prix de revente : Un sujet d’actualité et qui va le demeurer (longtemps ?)


La rubrique “Tendances” de ce numéro 3-2008 Concurrences est consacrée à la fixation des prix de revente. C’est un sujet qui est d’une grande actualité. En effet, plusieurs voix convergent aujourd’hui pour solliciter un réexamen critique du principe qui a constitué, jusqu’ici, un des plus (...)


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