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Ombline Ancelin is Competition partner at the Paris office of international law firm Simmons & Simmons. Her practice encompasses the full range of competition law, including merger control, anti-competitive practices, distribution and franchising, and also EU general law and consumer law. She represents clients at both national and international levels, in antitrust investigations and litigation in several sectors including life science, TMT, energy, food and retail. She works on both advisory and contentious matters, and litigates before the French Competition Authority, the Paris Court of Appeal and Commercial Courts. Moreover, she regularly advises clients on their commercial policies and the drafting of their distributorships in compliance with the French legal framework. She also assists clients in delivering compliance trainings to the staff.

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Charles Bankes, Koen Platteau, Ombline Ancelin, Peter Broadhurst, Peter Meyer, Satyen Dhana The EU Commission publishes its decision in a gun-jumping case (Altice / PT Portugal)


On 24 April 2018, the European Commission (Commission) fined Altice NV (Altice) €124.5m for breaching both Article 4(1) and 7(1) of Council Regulation (EC) No 139/2004 (the EU Merger Regulation or EUMR). Article 4(1) EUMR contains the “notification requirement” under which relevant transactions (...)

Floriane Aufaure, Ombline Ancelin The EU Court of Justice rules that the dissemination of misleading information is a restriction by object and excludes exemption under Article 101 §3 TFEU (Hoffman-La Roche / Novartis)


On 23 January 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union delivered its decision on the preliminary ruling referred to it by the Italian Council of State in the dispute between Roche and Novartis on the one hand and the Italian competition authority (AGCM) on the other. In 2014, Roche and (...)

Florence de Bakker, Ombline Ancelin The French Supreme Court upholds fines based on dawn raids carried out by the UK Competition Authority in jet fuels cartel (Chevron Products / Shell / Total Outre-mer / Air France)


A French Competition Authority infringement decision based on dawn raids carried out by the UK Office of Fair Trading has been upheld by France’s highest court. In a second ruling in the jet fuels cartel appeal, the French Supreme Court has upheld the 2008 decision of the French Competition (...)

Ombline Ancelin The French Competition Authority accepts commitments from horse betting company consisting of the separation of its on-line and off-line horse betting activities to settle a case for potential abuse of a dominant position (PMU)


The commitments proposed by the PMU follow a formal complaint lodged by a competing online horse betting company, Betclic, on January 2012, to the French Competition Authority. In its compliant, Betclic alleged that PMU was abusing its legal monopoly on the French off-line horse betting market (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The French Commercial Supreme Court quashes the ruling of the Paris Court of Appeal relating to the exclusive distribution agreements of smartphones (Orange / Apple / France Télécom)


In a ruling dated 16 February 2010, the French Supreme Court (the "Supreme Court") quashed the ruling of the Paris Court of Appeal (the "Court of appeal") relating to the exclusive arrangements between Orange France (a subsidiary of France Telecom) and Apple for the distribution of iPhones in (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The French Competition Authority fines a cosmetics manufacturer for prohibiting its selective distributors from selling its products on the internet (Pierre Fabre)


On 29 October 2008, the French French Competition Council (Conseil de la concurrence) (the “Council") fined Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique, a cosmetics and personal hygiene products manufacturer, 17,000 Euros for having prohibited its selective distributors from selling products made by its (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The Paris Court of Appeals upholds the French Competition Authority’s decision on the railway laying and maintenance cartel but reduces fines (SNCF / ETF / SPTV)


On 2 October 2007, the Paris Court of Appeals (the "Court of Appeals") upheld a decision issued by the Conseil de la concurrence (the "Competition Council") in Decision n° 06-D-15 dated 14 June 2006 relating to practices implemented in the railway laying and maintenance sector. In this decision, (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The French Competition Authority agrees to commitments from hi-fi and home cinema equipment suppliers in order to allow their selective distributors to carry out online selling (Bose / Focal / Triangle)


On 5 October 2006, the Conseil de la concurrence (French Competition Council) issued a decision in which it accepted to withdraw the litigation proceedings after three of the main companies active in the Hi-fi and home cinema equipment sector (Bose, Focal JM Lab and Triangle) agreed to (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The French Competition Authority holds as anticompetitive an exclusive purchase clause in a selective distribution agreement (NGK Spark Plugs)


NGK Spark Plugs France (NGK France), one of NGK Japan’s subsidiaries in the European Union, is the main supplier of plugs for two wheel vehicles in France. NGK France set up a selective distribution network in France based on a selective distribution framework agreement. It was argued that NGK (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The French Supreme Court finds two non-authorised distributors guilty of unfair competition for having purchased perfumes from authorised distributors in the knowledge that they were infringing the selective distribution agreement (Tifany)


Marketing Diffusion Prospective (hereinafter “MDP”), based in Mégève, is an authorised distributor of most of the major French perfume manufacturers. Alleging a breach of the selective distribution network to which it belonged, MDP lodged a complaint against its main competitor in this city, (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The Paris Court of Appeal limits the scope of the essential facilities theory by declining to consider abusive a refusal to access a software (NMPP / MLP)


Background In 2003 Messageries Lyonnaises de Presse (MLP), a press distributor, filed a complaint with the French Competition Council (hereinafter "the Council") against Nouvelles Messageries de Presse Parisienne (NMPP) on the grounds that the latter was conducting an anti-competitive practice (...)

Charles Saumon, Ombline Ancelin The French Competition Council accepts recordings of phone calls made without the knowledge of recorded persons as proof and rules against vertical anticompetitive agreements in the brown products sector (Avantage / Philips - Sony - Panasonic)


In a decision dated 5 December 2005, the French Competition Council (hereinafter “the Council”) found that Philips, Sony and Panasonic had infringed Article L. 420-1 of the French Commercial Code (equivalent to article 81 of the EC Treaty) as each of them had set up a vertical agreement with its (...)

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David Bosco, Ian Simmons, James Killick, Kenneth R. O’Rourke, Ombline Ancelin, Pascal Berghe, Pierre Régibeau, Stephen McIntyre Pay for delay : Les accords de report d’entrée dans le secteur pharmaceutique


Les auteurs de ce Tendances évoquent les décisions rendues aux Etats-Unis et en Europe relatives aux accords de report d’entrée dans le secteur pharmaceutique. Ces accords se sont multiplié ces dernières années et on pour objet de différer dans le temps l’arrivée d’un médicament générique qui pourrait (...)


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