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Oliver Bretz is the founding director of Euclid Law in Brussels. He specialises in EU and UK competition, regulatory and trade law and has been involved in a multitude of high-profile, high-value deals throughout his professional career with his practice centering around mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, cartels, distribution and licensing agreements. He has a wealth of experience advising on state aid, public procurement, internal market and WTO issues, as well as across a diverse variety of sectors notably banking and finance yet also energy, media, telecommunications, transport and oil and gas. His position in the Brussels and Paris office and his close relationship with the London office allow Oliver’s practice to be truly international in scope and this is reflected in the type of work and quality of client he continues to attract. Mr. Bretz is also a visiting professor at the University of Law (Guildford) since 2015.

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Euclid Law (London)


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Andreas Bardong, Céline Gauer, David Bosco, Etienne Pfister, Katrin Schallenberg, Oliver Bretz, Simon Genevaz, Tad Lipsky La pratique des tests de marché dans les procédures antitrust et dans le contrôle des concentrations


Les décisions des autorités de concurrence adoptées avec prise d’engagements par les entreprises concernées sont aujourd’hui le plus souvent précédées d’une consultation des tiers. Ces « tests de marché » sont devenus une étape centrale de la procédure antitrust et du contrôle des (...)


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