Mikko Välimäki

Aalto University

Mikko Välimäki is an adjunct professor at Aalto University (School of Science and Technology), Finland, where he teaches technology and intellectual property law, and CEO of Tuxera Inc., a software company. Mr. Välimäki is the author of four books on intellectual property. He has also worked to launch start-ups such as Kutalab Ltd, the developer of DjOnline and technology law firm Turre Legal, which he co-founded in 2000. In the past, mr. Välimäki has consulted technology companies and litigated precedent-setting cases in Finnish courts ranging from technological protection measures (DRM) to file sharing services and electronic voting systems. He also co-founded Electronic Frontier Finland and was its first chairman in 2001-2003. Mikko Välimäki holds an LL.M from University of Helsinki (1999) and a Ph.D. from Helsinki University of Technology (2005).

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Aalto University (Helsinki)


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Friedrich Wenzel Bulst, Jean-Yves Art, Jérôme Gstalter, Machiel Bolhuis, Maurits J. F. M. Dolmans, Mikko Välimäki, Per Hellstrom, Thomas Kramler, Ute Decker Open standards & antitrust


Contributors to this thematic study were asked to answer a question that seems simple on the surface : Do open standards promote competition ? However, this question raises a tricky and preliminary problem : how to define an “open standard” ? Written by eminent specialists, this set of articles (...)

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