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Economist (Partner)

Matthew Johnson is partner at Oxera London and Oxford. He specialises in competition economics. His areas of expertise include merger analysis, abuse of dominance and the effects of vertical and horizontal agreements between firms. He has provided analysis for clients involved in private court actions, as well as those facing investigations by competition authorities in a number of jurisdictions. Before joining Oxera, Matthew was an economic adviser at the UK Office of Fair Trading and the European Commission. With over ten years’ experience as an economist, he has worked on a wide range of issues including mergers, state aid and market inquiries. He has experience across several industries including broadcasting, grocery retail, transport and consumer goods. Matthew’s extensive experience in UK and European Commission merger cases has involved analysis of local markets, vertical mergers and coordinated effects. He has also worked on market inquiries into retail pharmacy regulation, licensed taxi regulation and ticket agencies, and has supervised a range of research projects in the area of competition economics.

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1288 Bulletin

Helen Jenkins, Matthew Johnson The UK Competition Commission clears an entertainment industry merger for the second time without remedies following appeal to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (Ticketmaster / Live Nation)


On May 7th 2010, the UK Competition Commission (CC) cleared unconditionally the completed merger between Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc (Ticketmaster) and Live Nation, Inc (Live Nation). The case had previously been cleared by the CC in December 2009, but following a successful appeal by a (...)

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