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Mark D. Whitener

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
Adjunct Professor

Mark Whitener has spent nearly 35 years practicing antitrust law. Most recently he was Global Executive Counsel, Competition Law & Policy for General Electric Company, where he supervised global merger reviews, investigations and litigation, and counseled on complex issues. Prior to joining GE, Mark served as Deputy Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition, where he was responsible for a variety of antitrust enforcement and policy initiatives and helped develop federal antitrust guidelines for mergers, intellectual property, heath care and international enforcement. A graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and Washington University, Mark spent several years in private practice in Washington and London prior to joining the FTC. He has written and spoken on a range of antitrust issues, including testimony before Congress and presentations to the Antitrust Modernization Commission, the OECD, and other U.S. and international organizations and enforcement agencies. Mark has held leadership positions in the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Section, including the Section’s governing Council and as Editorial Chair of Antitrust Magazine. He is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and a Senior Industry and Innovation Fellow at McDonough’s Center for Business and Public Policy.

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Mark Whitener
Mark D. Whitener 19 septembre 2016 Washington, DC


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Agathe Richard, Aidan Synnott, Albert A. Foer, Alden F. Abbott, Alvaro Ramos, Ben Labow, Bonny Sweeney, Bradley T. Tennis, Christopher Meyers, Donald C. Klawiter, James J. Tierney, James Langenfeld, Janet McDavid, John DeQ. Briggs, John Kwoka, Joseph Farrell, Logan M. Breed, Mark D. Whitener, Michael A. Carrier, Michael D. Hausfeld, Michael L. Weiner, Michael P. Lehmann, Richard S. Taffet, Scott Andrew Sher, Sharis A. Pozen, William H. Rooney What is Trump Antitrust ?


Il y a du changement dans l’air aux Etats-Unis, et ce changement va impacter la politique antitrust et celle de la concurrence. L’élection inattendue du nouveau président-élu Donald J. Trump a ouvert la porte à des spéculations et à l’inconnue de ce que sera la politique de concurrence envisagée par (...)

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