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MJ Moltenbrey was a partner in the Antitrust and Competition practice of Paul Hastings and is based in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. She represents clients before the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, state attorneys general, and in federal courts on a wide array of issues, including mergers, civil and criminal conduct cases, and administrative proceedings. Ms. Moltenbrey was formerly the director of civil non-merger enforcement in the DOJ’s Antitrust Division. In that position, she was the Antitrust Division’s senior career official responsible for civil conduct investigations and litigation. During her 17 year DOJ career, Ms. Moltenbrey also served as chief of the Civil Task Force and as trial attorney in the Transportation Section. Among the matters that Ms. Moltenbrey was involved in at the DOJ were : United States v. Microsoft (monopolization), United States v. Visa Int’l et al. (anticompetitive agreements in joint venture) and United States v. Airline Tariff Publishing Co., et al. (price coordination). She is now working as an independent Antitrust Attorney in Washington DC.


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Self employed


MJ Moltenbrey - Merger Control Regimes Worldwide 2014
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