Lucas Niedolistek

Lni avocats (Paris)

Lucas Niedolistek founded lni-avocats in 2015 after working for twelve years as a lawyer for international firms in Europe and Asia. He recently worked as a Legal Director for one of the most important family-owned group of companies in Saudi Arabia. He has significant experience in assisting clients in relation to merger control filings and antitrust investigations in Europe, East Asia and the Middle East. His antitrust practice covers the whole range of anticompetitive behaviour such as cartels, bid rigging, abuse of dominant position and vertical restraints before Competition Authorities and Courts. In addition, Lucas has developed an extensive experience in conducting internal antitrust audits, setting up compliance programmes and assisting clients with on-site competition investigations including dawn raids. He has worked for companies active in various sectors including consumer products, media and telecoms, energy, luxury goods, transport, real estate, retail, building materials, financial services and automotive.


49473 Bulletin

Lucas Niedolistek A local branch of the Chinese SAIC applies for the first time the anti-monopoly law against a local government for abuse of administrative powers (Heyuan municipal government)


It has been reported that on June 12, 2011, the Guangdong Provincial administration for industry and commerce ("Guangdong AIC") requested the local Guangdong provincial government to correct the abusive conduct of a municipal government which had, by various measures, restricted the competition (...)

Lucas Niedolistek The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission fines an international brand consumer products company for disseminating information on price increases and disrupting market order (Unilever)


China’s price law and regulations expressly stipulate the form of and legal liability for disseminating information of price increases. Article 14 of the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that no operator shall engage in falsifying and disseminating information of price (...)

Lucas Niedolistek The Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce adopts its first cartel decision under the Anti-Monopoly Law in the concrete production sector (Concrete Committee cartel)


It has been reported that last January, a local branch of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (« SAIC »), used, for the first time, its enforcement powers under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (« AML ») to fine a trade association and some of its members for having implemented various (...)

Jérôme Philippe, Lucas Niedolistek The Paris Court of appeal reverses a decision of the Commercial Court which ordered the telephone incumbent to suspend the conditioned sale of its football dedicated channel to the subscription to its triple-play offer (Orange Foot-France Télécom)


On 14 May 2009, the Paris Court of appeal reversed a decision of the Paris Commercial Court dated 23 February which ordered France Telecom to suspend the conditioned sale of its football dedicated channel “Orange Foot” to the subscription to its triple play offer. The Paris Court of Appeal held (...)

Jérôme Philippe, Lucas Niedolistek The French Competition Authority hands out two key decisions in relation to the concept of abuse of state of economic dependence (Concurrence) (National union of the written press distributors SNDP)


A provision specific to French competition law In France, in addition to the prohibition against the abuse of a dominant position, national competition law prohibits the abusive exploitation by a company or a group of companies (not necessarily dominant) of a situation of economic dependence (...)

Jacques Derenne, Lucas Niedolistek The French Competition Authority imposes an unprecedented € 80 M fine to the telecommunications incumbent for abuse of a dominant position on the broadband internet market (France Télécom)


In November 1999, Neuf Télécom, a telecommunications operator, filed a complaint with the French Competition Council (hereinafter “the Council”) against France Télécom, the French historic telephone and Internet provider, on the grounds that the latter was conducting anti-competitive practices on the (...)

Jacques Derenne, Lucas Niedolistek The French Competition Authority applies a "rule of reason analysis" to an abuse of dominant position in the press advertising sector (La Provence Group)


The La Provence group owns the two main regional daily newspapers distributed in Marseille (Southern France) namely Le Provençal and Le Méridional. The two newspapers transferred the exclusive responsibility for managing local advertising to Eurosud Publicité ; however, the commercial policy was (...)

Jacques Derenne, Lucas Niedolistek The French Competition Council rigorously applies the Sandoz and Bayer EC cases in the context of vertical non-contractual relations (Studio 26/Rossimoda)


Background Studio 26, a retail shop selling luxury brand shoes and leather products, lodged a complaint with the Competition Council alleging practices aiming at fixing the resale price of shoes by Rossimoda, an Italian subsidiary of LVMH. Studio 26 based its claim on letters received from (...)

Jacques Derenne, Lucas Niedolistek The Paris Court of appeal orders the telecommunications incumbent to offer third party operators a new technical and commercial offer giving appropriate access (France Telecom )


For the first time, the Paris Court of Appeal increased the amount of fines imposed by the Competition Council. Although this decision does not implement EC competition law, but French competition law provisions, it is worth mentioning here In February 2000, the Competition Council ruled that (...)

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