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Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer (Brussels)

Mr. Gyselen is partner at Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer (Brussels). His antitrust practice encompasses advice and representation before EU and national agencies on merger control, abusive conduct, cartels, other restrictive practices and state aids. In light of his previous government experience, his expertise is focused in areas where antitrust and regulatory issues are intertwined such as financial services and pharmaceuticals ; distribution practices involving manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods such as food ; and cartel work including leniency applications. Mr. Gyselen joined the firm in July 2004 after twenty years of public service at various EU institutions. He spent most of his time at the European Commission, where he was a member of the Legal Service in the early years of his career and later held several senior positions in the Directorate-General for Competition (DG COMP). His career at the Commission was interrupted by a three year secondment to the European Court of Justice where he was a law clerk to the then Belgian judge. During his four years as special assistant to the Director-General in DG COMP (1990-1994), he oversaw the entire range of EU competition policy activities, including the introduction of EC merger control, and acted as liaison officer between DG COMP and the Commissioner in charge of competition policy and his personal staff. Between 1994 and 2004, he played a key role in many leading antitrust cases. In the area of abusive conduct, these included Coca Cola (rebates, exclusive dealing, category management) - a case which led him to write an comprehensive article on rebates that received high visibility in the business community. Mr. Gyselen was also case manager in a dozen cartel cases in the financial services, food and agricultural sectors. In the pharmaceutical area, he cleared a number of joint ventures on the basis of a reasoning that was later incorporated in the Commission’s guidelines on horizontal restraints.

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Mário Marques Mendes, Pablo Ibáñez Colomo, Luc Gyselen, Avantika Chowdhury, Mario Siragusa, Alice Setari, Inigo Igartua, Miguel Troncoso Ferrer, Nathalie Pétrignet, Vincent Lorieul The VBER and Vertical Guidelines : Revision or Reform ? Reflection on critical issues


Alors que la Commission européenne étudie une éventuelle révision du VBER et des lignes directrices verticales et évalue les différentes options politiques proposées, ce volume vise à réfléchir à certaines des questions et sujets pertinents du VBER, certains plus controversés que d’autres, mais tous ayant (...)

Catherine Prieto, Chantal Momège, Daniel Tricot, Ioannis Lianos, Louis Vogel, Luc Gyselen La distinction entre les relations verticales et les relations horizontales : Les limites de la notion d’accord et des catégories juridiques


Les premières réflexions de cette journée consacrée au traitement des restrictions verticales portent sur leurs différences par rapport aux restrictions horizontales. En théorie, la distinction est simple et le traitement de ces deux formes de restrictions est fortement différencié. Mais la vie (...)

David Sevy, Frédéric Jenny, Jérôme Philippe, John Kallaugher, Kay Parplies, Laurence Idot, Luc Gyselen Anticompetitive foreclosure and the coherence of competition policy towards vertical restraints


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