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Loreta Gruselionyte

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Loreta Gruselionyte is a former LL.M student at UCL. Her main research interests include EU competition law, International company law, project finance, corporate governance, economics regulation (mainly public utilities) and law & economics. She knows Lithuanian, Russian, English, Italian and basic French.

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1359 Bulletin

Loreta Gruselionyte The Lithuanian Competition Council fines international oil company for its failure to report concentration on the gas stations market (Lukoil Baltija)


Facts : During the investigation by the Lithuanian National Competition Authority the following facts were established. During 2004 - 2009 UAB “Lukoil Baltija” and UAB “Okseta” entered into a cooperation agreement referred to by companies as ‘joint venture contract’ or “gas station control (...)

Loreta Gruselionyte The Lithuanian Administrative Court annuls a decision of the NCA and emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the general aim of safeguarding the competition, rather than following a purely bureaucratic approach (Route Taxicabs)


Background “Route Taxicabs”, a Business Association of Klaipeda (further on, “Route Taxicabs” Association) requested the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court (further on, Administrative Court) to annul the decision of the National Competition Authority to dismiss an investigation regarding (...)


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