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Koren Wong-Ervin is a recognized thought leader and has testified before Congress on domestic and international antitrust issues. She has more than sixteen years of experience, including representing defendants and plaintiffs in high-stakes litigations and representing technology companies in domestic and foreign investigations. Koren previously served at the Federal Trade Commission as Counsel for Intellectual Property and International Antitrust and as an Attorney Advisor to Commissioner Joshua Wright. Koren is a frequent speaker and author, including training hundreds of foreign judges and competition enforcers on antitrust law and economics. She has spoken at over 100 domestic and international events and written dozens of articles on a variety of topics, including the intersection of antitrust and intellectual property, mergers, vertical restraints, platforms, incremental innovations or “product hopping,” optimal penalties, extraterritoriality, methodologies for calculating patent infringement damages, and international due process and convergence.


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Jorge Padilla, Koren Wong-Ervin An economic approach to antitrust analysis of discriminatory licensing, grantbacks and cross-licenses, no-challenge clauses, and patent thickets


L’application des règles antitrust relatives aux droits de propriété intellectuelle continue de faire l’objet d’une attention particulière dans le monde entier, notamment pour les brevets essentiels, y compris, très récemment, de la part des Etats membres de l’OCDE, lors des réunions du comité de la (...)


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