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Katarzyna Czapracka

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Dr. Katarzyna Czapracka joined White & Case in 2004. She has broad experience defending clients in cartel proceedings before the European Commission and is currently involved in a number of cartel cases pending before the EU Courts. She has also advised clients in various industrial sectors on abuse of dominance issues and on matters pertaining to IP and competition law intersection. Katarzyna also has practical experience in Polish competition law. She completed a doctorate (JSD) at Columbia Law School. Her thesis focused on the intersection between IP and competition law.


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Katarzyna Capraczka (White & Case)
Katarzyna Czapracka 21 juin 2018 Warsaw


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Daniel Hoppe-Jänisch, James Killick, Katarzyna Czapracka The EU Court of Justice sets out specific requirements with which an SEP holder needs to comply to be able to seek an injunction without abusing its dominant position (Huawei / ZTE)


Standards lie at the heart of the digital economy – without standards, we would not have smartphones, tablets and other key parts of modern life. Europe’s highest court recently delivered a judgment in Huawei v. ZTE explaining when EU competition law will prevent holders of patents that are (...)

James Killick, Katarzyna Czapracka The Advocate General Wathelet states that before seeking an injunction, a standard-essential patent holder must inform an infringer that the latter needs a license (Huawei / ZTE)


Summary The Advocate General’s advisory Opinion in the Huawei v. ZTE FRAND Case (C-170/13) would, if followed by the full European Court of Justice (ECJ), usher in a significant shift in the playing field in German litigation on Standard essential patents (SEPs). Germany has been known as a (...)

James Killick, Katarzyna Czapracka Intellectual Property & Antitrust : A synthesis of EU and national case law


The interaction between competition rules and intellectual property ("IP") rights has long been among the most interesting, controversial and widely discussed issues in competition law. At a first glance, the objectives of IP law and competition rules might seem to be at odds with each other. On the one hand, competition rules prohibit conduct that restricts competition and thereby leads to lower output and higher prices. On the other, IP law creates exclusive rights that limit access to information, technologies and other intangible assets.

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Katarzyna Czapracka, Martin d’Halluin, Oliver Latham Start-ups, licornes et champions européens pour une souveraineté numérique : Quel rôle pour la politique de concurrence ? (Demain la concurrence, 3 nov. 2020)


Contents : Reining in digital unicorns : Is Europe setting the rules for the world ?, Dr Katarzyna Czapracka, Partner, White & Case, Brussels and Warsaw A few thoughts on privacy and competition, Martin d’Halluin, Senior Vice President, Global Competition Law & Policy Counsel, News (...)

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