Portuguese Competition Authority (Lisbon)

Jorge Rodrigues

Portuguese Competition Authority (Lisbon)
Senior Economist and Advisor

Jorge Rodrigues, Ph.D. and Master in Economics, is a Senior Economist and Advisor to the Board at the Portuguese Competition Authority where he works since October 2003. His duties include economic, but also legal, assessment, mostly, of anti-trust cases, on horizontal and vertical agreements and abuses of dominance, together with general studies on competition policy issues. His current research interests range from the issue of buyer power and pass-through, notably related with large retailing groups, to the interaction between the legal and the economic aspects on detecting anti-trust conducts, mostly, cartels and abuses of dominance. His major sectors of interest are oil and fuel markets, energy, the food sector - overall and on wheat milling, bread industry, salt, ice creams and milk related products -, large retail outlets, and pharmaceuticals. He has a publicly available written contribution on Buyer Power and Pass-Through of Large Retailing Groups in the Portuguese Food Sector.

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