Jeanne Lubek


Jeanne is the founding partner and president of EKlub. Previously, she worked as an Associate Director in NERA’s Global Energy, Environment, and Network Industries Practice based in Paris. She is an experienced consultant in economics and strategy. She participated in numerous competition cases, being cartels, allegation of abuse of dominant position or mergers. She covered a large spectrum of sector among them energy, financial services, telecom, media, retail, postal servi ces and construction. Jeanne had also performed stragegic consultancy while working for Mckinsey and Bain & co. Jeanne is graduated from ENSAE and holds a postgraduate degree (DEA) from EHESS in economics.


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Anne Perrot, Jeanne Lubek, Olivier d’Ormesson La position dominante collective


Ce dossier réunit trois contributions sur le sujet de la position dominante collective présentées le 14 juin 2011 à Paris,et issues du cycle de formation Economie et droit de la concurrence organisé par la revue Concurrences. La première contribution, rédigée par Mme Anne Perrot, est dédiée à (...)

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