Jaime Garcia-Nieto

Airbus (Toulouse)
Head of the Regulatory Litigation

Jaime Garcia-Nieto is a Spanish qualified lawyer with expertise on EU and antitrust law. He is the head of compliance and legal affairs at Latam. Until January 2013, he advised Airbus in Toulouse (France) as a legal counsel in Litigation and Regulatory affaires. Before He was part of Levy & Salomão Advogados (Sao Paulo) and of White & Case (Brussels). He advised clients on horizontal and vertical agreements, abuses of dominant position and merger control. He has substantial experience in national and international cartel investigations, where he represented clients during both administrative, including settlement discussions, and judicial proceedings. He also advised clients on aspects related to customs and trade law. Jaime has contributed to a number of publications on EU law, in particular on competition law. He hold a law degree from the University Miguel Hernandez (Spain) and an LLM from the College of Europe

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6209 Bulletin

Hervé Ajouc, Jaime Garcia-Nieto The Spanish Supreme Court annuls a judgment from the Appellate Administrative Court and quashes a decision of the Competition Authority that imposed a substantial fine on powers generating companies for abusing their dominant position in the electricity market for technical restrictions (Unión Fenosa)


In a judgment delivered on January 27, 2010, the Spanish Supreme Court annulled a judgment of the Appellate Administrative Court of May 23, 2007 and quashed a Decision of July 7, 2004 of the Spanish Competition Authority (“NCA”) imposing a substantial fine on several power generating companies (...)

Jaime Garcia-Nieto The Spanish Supreme Court’s ruling on the breach of the rights of defence of a company subject to a competition investigation improves due process (SOS Cuetara)


This judgment marks the end of a case which began in April 2005, when the Spanish Competition Authority (ANC) opened an investigation into the Spanish olive oil market following a complaint from a consumer protection association. A number of food distributors and a major olive oil producer were (...)

Hervé Ajouc, Jaime Garcia-Nieto The Spanish Supreme Court provides guidance on the application of the proof by presumptions test in the context of a bid rigging case in the healthcare sector (Amersham Health)


On October 3, 2009, the Spanish Supreme Court (Tribunal Supremo) quashed the Appellate Administrative Court’s (Audiencia Nacional) judgment of April 11, 2006 upholding a decision of the Spanish competition authority (“NCA”) to fine four healthcare companies for bid-rigging on the market for the (...)

Jaime Garcia-Nieto The Spanish National Court finds that the ANC has exceeded its powers in taking copies of company employees hard drives and breached the principle of domicile inviolability (Spanish Cosmetic Toiletry / Stanpa)


This judgment assessed the legality of the dawn raids carried out by the Spanish Competition Commission (CNC) in the professional hairdressing sector in 2008 in relation to alleged price-fixing and other anti-competitive practices. The appeal was launched before the National Court by the (...)

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