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Helene Andersson

Stockholm University, Delphi (Stockholm)
Associate Professor in European Law / Counsel

Helene Andersson is counsel at Delphi in Stockholm where she specialises in competition law. With more than twenty years’ experience, her expertise spans the entire field of competition law. Helene holds a Doctor of Laws and is Associate Professor in European law at Stockholm University. She is the author of Dawn Raids under Challenge (2018) and Access and Cartel Cases (2021), both Hart Publishing.

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5023 Bulletin

Helene Andersson, Karl Hammarlund The Swedish Patent and Market Court of Appeal rejects damages claim by mobile phone subscriptions company against its mobile network supplier and wholesaler because concurrence of wills was not proven (Telesport / TeliaSonera Mobile Networks / Svea Billing Services)


SUMMARY The case relates to a stand-alone claim for damages brought by Telesport AB (Telesport) against TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB (Telia) and Svea Billing Services AB (Svea Billing). Telesport claimed that the two defendants had entered into an anticompetitive agreement or engaged in a (...)

Helene Andersson The Swedish Market Court finds that national postal operator abused its dominant position in the market for bulk mail deliveries (Bring CityMail Sweden / Posten Meddelande)


In a ruling of 8 June 2011, the Swedish Market Court prohibits the national postal operator Posten from applying a worksharing discount system on certain bulk mail deliveries. The discount system is found to have foreclosing effects, and its application constitutes an abuse of Posten‘s (...)

Elisabeth Eklund, Helene Andersson The Swedish Government publishes a new Competition Act which further harmonises with EU competition rules and introduces a number of new features to enhance cartel enforcement


A new Swedish Competition Act entered into force on 1 November 2008. The new legislation means further harmonisation with EC competition rules and it also introduces a number of new features in order to enhance cartel enforcement. One of the new features is the introduction of disqualification (...)

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