Hans W. Friederiszick

E.CA Economics (Berlin)
Managing Director (ESMT)

Dr Hans W Friederiszick is a managing director at ESMT Competition Analysis, member of the faculty of ESMT and a former member of the chief economist team at DG Competition. Dr Friederiszick has extensive experience in advising clients in all fields of competition economics (cartels, merger cases, abuse of a dominant position and state aid cases) and has lead economists teams on international antitrust investigations. Major engagements during the last two years involve the elevator&escalator cartel case, the air cargo cartel, the Oracle/ Sun merger, the Google/ DoubleClick merger and the Google/ Yahoo cooperation as well as the application of the MEIP for an international airport. He has also worked on various national cases (GN Resound/ Phonak merger ; cement cartel ; Truvo Nederland/ European Directories) and acted as testifying expert in front of courts. In addition he analysed extensively various regulated industries like telecommunication, railway, energy, and the pharmaceutical industry. While working at the Commission, he was one of the main contributors to the ongoing reform in the field of EC state aid control, including contributions to the State Aid Action Plan and the R&D&I Guidelines. He worked during that time inter alia on the Alstom R&R case, the German Landesbanken cases, the Microsoft/ContentGuard merger, the Art.82 case against AstraZeneca and the copper tubes cartel cases. Dr Friederiszick has published widely and is a regular speaker at international antitrust conferences. Recent publications comprise a study on intermodal competition in the railway industry, economic methods for damage calculations and the economics of state aid control.


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Hans W. Friederiszick - New Frontiers of Antitrust 2016
Hans W. Friederiszick 13 juin 2016 Paris


1926 Bulletin

Hans W. Friederiszick, Michael Tröge The EU Commission applies the market economy investor principle in State aid cases concerning German State owned companies (German Landesbanken Cases)


"Applying the Market Economy Investor Principle to State Owned Companies — Lessons Learned from the German Landesbanken Cases"* Introduction The Market Economy Investor Principle (MEIP) is in the Commission’s practice one of the entry points for economic analysis in State aid cases. Its purpose (...)

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