Gal Rozent

Eshel, Ashlagi, Rozent (Tel Aviv)
Lawyer (Partner)

Gal Rozent is a partner, and the head of the Antitrust & Competition practice at ESHEL, ASHLAGI, ROZENT - LAW OFFICES, in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Gal advises local and foreign corporations on all criminal, administrative and civil aspects of Israeli antitrust and competition laws, on regulatory issues and on administrative laws, and represents them before the Antitrust General Director, other governmental agencies and all legal instances. Before joining CAE, Gal was the head of the Antitrust & Competition department, and a partner at the litigation department, at one of the leading law firms in Israel. Prior to that, Gal served six years at the Israeli Antitrust Authority, rising to the Head of the Telecommunications, Hi-Tech and Low-Tech Legal Team. Gal was a member of the Antitrust Committee of the Israel Bar Association between 2003 and 2010, and frequently writes and lectures on antitrust and competition issues. Gal holds LLB (1997) from the Tel Aviv University and LLM (2002) in commercial law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Eshel, Ashlagi, Rozent (Tel Aviv)
Eshel, Ashlagi, Rozent (Tel Aviv)


1288 Bulletin

Elad Travis, Gal Rozent The Israeli District Court of the City of Jerusalem convicts for the first time defendants in an antitrust case for attempting to engage in illegal vertical restrictive arrangements and for violating merger conditions (Shufersal)


On December 23, 2013, The Israeli District Court of the City of Jerusalem found the company operating the leading nationwide supermarket chain in Israel - Shufersal Ltd. ("Shufersal"), its CEO, Mr. Ephraim (Effie) Rosenhaus ("Rosenhaus") and its Deputy VP Commerce and Marketing, Mr. Eliezer (...)

Gal Rozent The Israeli Restrictive Trade Practices General Director declares certain entities "monopolies" in the supply of non-liquefied natural gas (Noble Energy Mediterranean / Delek Drilling / Avner Oil & Gas Exploration)


Introduction On November 13, 2012, the Restrictive Trade Practices General Director (the “General Director”) declared a few entities engaged in the exploration, production and sale of natural gas - Noble Energy Mediterranean, Delek Drilling and Avner Oil & Gas Exploration (both of the Delek (...)

1080 Revue

Christopher Thomas, Daniel E. Shulak, Gal Rozent, Gianni De Stefano, Katherine L. Kay, Kathryn Hellings, Raz Agranat, Yoshitoshi Imoto Extradition and antitrust law : Businessmen involved in global cartels extradited to foreign countries


Au fur et à mesure que les juridictions criminalisent les cartels qui violent le droit de la concurrence et augmentent leur coopération avec les autres pays, la menace de l’extradition dans les affaires mondiales de cartel devient de plus en plus une réalité. Les extraditions réussies, directement (...)

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