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WilmerHale (Brussels)
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Frédéric Louis focuses on all aspects of EU competition law, in particular, behavioral investigations (cartels and abuse of dominance), merger clearances and State Aid. In addition, he has extensive litigation experience, having represented clients in more than 35 proceedings before the European courts in Luxembourg. Mr. Louis has been centrally involved in pioneering transparency litigation, having won a series of cases mandating freedom of access to information held by the EU institutions. He also litigates and represents clients before Dutch and Belgian courts (including antitrust damages claims) and competition authorities. Mr. Louis’s competition practice includes cartel, parallel imports and abuse of dominance investigations (including internal investigations and leniency applications) ; complaints and litigation ; merger clearance ; State Aid investigations ; and complaints and counseling. He advises clients across a wide variety of industry sectors, from basic industries (construction materials, chemicals) to consumer goods, including service industries (telecommunications, banking, media and sports). Mr. Louis’s litigation experience before the EU courts ranges over various aspects (including freedom of commerce and constitutional issues) with a focus on competition litigation. Mr. Louis has argued cases before the Grand Chamber of both the General Court and the Court of Justice of the EU.

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John Ratliff, Anne Vallery, Christian Duvernoy, Frédéric Louis, Cormac O’Daly The European Competition Network and individual EU Member State publishes statements in response to antitrust enforcement due to the COVID-19 outbreak


The European Competition Network of the 27 EU Member State Antitrust Authorities (the ‘ECN’), several individual EU Member State antitrust authorities, the UK’s antitrust authority and Norway’s government have issued statements in response to antitrust enforcement and COVID-19, focusing on three (...)

Hans-Georg Kamann, Frédéric Louis, Christian Duvernoy, Anne Vallery, John Ratliff The EU Commission issues a communication recalling the various options for Member States that are within the rules and adopts a Temporary Framework for support measures to help with the effects of COVID-19 in order to prevent unfair distortions of competition and trade within the EU’s internal market


The COVID-19 crisis is first and foremost a health issue, as governments around the world seek to limit and treat its effects and save lives. However, it is also an immediate economic and social issue, as companies and individuals strive to deal with its effects on their livelihoods—from (...)

Frédéric Louis, John Ratliff, Thomas Mueller The European Commission publishes a legislative proposal enabling cartel defendants to enter into settlement discussions with the Commission in exchange for earlier certainty about the level of fines


The Commission has published a legislative proposal to allow it to deal more rapidly with cartel cases. The proposal would enable cartel defendants to enter into settlement discussions with the Commission in exchange for earlier certainty about the level of fines and a yet unspecified (...)

Frédéric Louis, Michael Goldmann, Sven Voelcker The EU General Court reverses the Commission’s refusal to review ancillary restraints in merger cases (Lagardere / Canal+)


Last month, the European Court of First Instance (“CFI”) reversed a decision by the European Commission in a merger case, Lagardère/Canal+, that had refused to assess the legality of certain ancillary restraints (such as noncompete clauses) as part of its decision on the merger. The Commission had (...)

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