Eamonn Doran

Linklaters (London)
Lawyer (partner)

Eamonn Doran is a Partner at Linklaters. Mr. Doran is a specialist in UK and EC Merger control and anti-trust regulation. His work has included clients from a number of sectors - banking, brewing, general insurance, health insurance, chemicals, publishing, manufacturing - and given him significant experience in dealing with competition authorities in London and Brussels.

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Linklaters (London)
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Linklaters (London)
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Linklaters (London)


590 Bulletin

Eamonn Doran, Michael Cutting, Nicole Kar, Sir Christopher Bellamy The UK OFT publishes guidance to help company directors understand their responsibilities under competition law


On 27 June 2011, the OFT published guidance on how it will assess the extent of an individual director’s responsibility for infringements of competition law. Where a company has breached competition law, the OFT can apply to court seeking a competition disqualification order (“CDO”) against an (...)

Christian Ahlborn, Eamonn Doran, Michael Cutting, Nicole Kar, Paula Riedel, Robert Gavin, Sir Christopher Bellamy The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal delivers its judgment dismissing challenges on material influence, SLC and remedies brought by a broadcasting company (British Sky Broadcasting Group)


In a judgment handed down on 29 September, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), dismissed an appeal brought by British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (Sky) against a decision of the Competition Commission (CC). The CAT upheld part of an appeal against the same decision brought by Virgin Media (...)

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