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Douglas Jasinski is Counsel at White & Case LLP. Mr. Jasinski has extensive experience in antitrust counseling, transactions and litigation. He regularly counsels and represents clients in mergers and acquisitions, and in civil and criminal antitrust matters. Mr. Jasinski handles complex antitrust issues in a variety of industries, including retail, paper, consumer products, semiconductors, transportation, telecommunications, publishing, foodservice, defense, steel, building materials, marketing, construction, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and healthcare. Mr. Jasinski has cleared numerous competitively sensitive transactions through federal agency, state and international review. He also regularly advises international clients in criminal antitrust matters. Mr. Jasinski regularly counsels clients on the Hart-Scott-Rodino antitrust preacquisition reporting requirements in the United States as well as international merger notification requirements. He coordinated the publication of White & Case’s 2003-2004 Survey of Worldwide Antitrust Merger Notification Requirements. Mr. Jasinski has counseled organizations and individuals on consumer protection and antitrust issues related to radio frequency identification (RFID), credit counseling and distribution. He recently defended the CEO of a credit servicing company in a state investigation of the credit counseling industry. Mr. Jasinski is a regular contributor to numerous articles and speeches covering issues such as criminal antitrust enforcement, foreign competition laws and cartel regulation, coordinated effects, B2B networks and distribution.

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