Dimitris Sinaniotis

DWF (London)

Dimitris is a Director specialising in UK and EU competition law, with over 10 years’ experience across all areas of competition law including merger control, behavioural advice, market investigations, enforcement cases, compliance programs and training. Dimitris has developed an interest and expertise in the application of UK/EU competition laws in sectors such as retail, FMCG, manufacturing, entertainment, insurance and financial services. Prior to joining DWF, Dimitris worked for other law firms in London. From 2008 to 2011 Dimitris worked at the Office of Fair Trading (OFT, now CMA) as a principal case officer for more than 30 merger cases, was the team leader of a Chapter 2 CA98 investigation, and assisted in dawn raids and policy projects. Before joining the OFT, Dimitris was a lecturer in EU and competition law at the University of Greenwich and is the author of the book ‘Interim Protection of Individuals before the European and National Courts’ (European Monographs Series Set – Kluwer Law International, 2006). Dimitris is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and is also a qualified lawyer in Athens, Greece.


3378 Bulletin

Dimitris Sinaniotis The England & Wales High Court of Justice rejects a claim for exemplary damages following an infringement decision by the EU Commission (Devenish / Sanofi-Aventis)


Introduction and Background to the claim In November 2001 the European Commission adopted a decision that held that a number of vitamin manufacturers had entered into worldwide price-fixing agreements (cartels) in respect of various vitamins in breach of Article 81 EC Treaty and therefore (...)


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