DG COMP (Brussels)

Dimitri Giotakos

DG HOME (Brussels), DG COMP (Brussels)
Head of Unit

Dimitri Giotakos is Head of Legal Affairs at DG HOME (Migration and Home Affairs), European Commission.

Auteurs associés

Ipsen Group
MX1 (Luxembourg)
DG COMP (Brussels)


395 Bulletin

Dimitri Giotakos, François Garnier, Laurent Petit, Peter De Luyck The EU Commission prohibits a merger between two US companies active in the markets for aero-engines, avionics and other aircraft components and systems (GE / Honeywell)


"General Electric/Honeywell — An insight into the Commission’s investigation and decision"* Owing to the benefits of engine commonality, incumbency of engine suppliers is better assessed in terms of the installed base of engines on aircraft that are still in production. Nevertheless, to the (...)

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