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Dieter Gillis is Legal Advisor at Vlaamse Regulator voor de Media. Mr. Gillis (1981, Ghent) obtained his law degree at the University of Ghent in 2004. Afterwards, in 2005, he obtained the European Master in Law and Economics degree (EMLE) as a student of the University of Ghent, having studied in Hamburg (Universität Hamburg), Bologna (Universita di Bologna) and Aix-en-Provence (Université Aix-Marseille III). He joined the ICRI (Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT) team in October 2005 and was involved in four projects which are assigned by IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for BroadBand Technology).

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49349 Bulletin

Dieter Gillis The Belgian Competition Authority settles dispute on GSM gateways and voice call tariffs in cooperation with the telecommunications regulator (The Phone Company / Belgacom)


On September 1st, 2006 the Belgian Competition Council decided Belgacom Mobile (BMB) had to terminate voice calls coming form SIM cards in gateways of the Phone Company (TPC) on its mobile network against end user tariffs (possibly augmented with other costs such as the activation fee per (...)

Dieter Gillis The Belgian Competition Council dismisses request for interim measures against alleged margin squeeze from the telco incumbent on the market for telephone services provided at a fixed location for residential customers (Tele2 / Belgacom)


Relevant Facts Since January 2003 Tele2 (a Belgian subsidiary of the Swedish Tele2 AB) is active as a telecom operator on the Belgian fixed voice calls market. Tele2 however only owns a backbone network and consequently needs to use the local loop of Belgacom (the incumbent operator) in (...)

Dieter Gillis The Brussels Court of Appeal upholds the Competition Authority’s decision holding that the exclusive joint selling of football television rights is not infringing Art. 81.1 EC (Jupiler League / Belgacom Skynet)


Relevant facts On 9 May 2005, the LBV, a joint selling body with the exclusive right to sell TV broadcasting rights of the Jupiler League on behalf of the participating football clubs, had awarded all the packages of rights to Belgacom Skynet. Telenet, Belgacom’s competitor on the Belgian (...)

Dieter Gillis, Peggy Valcke The Belgian Competition Authority concludes that the joint selling of media rights is in line with the decision practice of the EU Commission and is not infringing Art. 81(1) EC (Jupiler League / Belgacom Skynet)


On 29 July 2005 the Belgian Competition Council approved the award of TV broadcasting rights by the Liga Beroepsvoetbal (“LBV”) to Belgacom Skynet, since there was no infringement of Art. 81 EC. The Council has found that the broadcasting rights of matches of the Belgian first (and second) (...)

Dieter Gillis A Belgium Court of Appeal rules that quantity based price discrimination by beer supplier is not violating EC Reg. N° 1984/83 nor Art. 81.3 EC (Hermans and Daniel/Maloir)


In this case Ms. Hermans and Mr. Daniels appealed against the judgment held in first instance by the Commercial Court of Tongeren (handed down on 3 December 1999). The Commercial Court had found Ms. Hermans and Mr. Daniels liable for breach of contract and BF 510.000 (= € 12.642,57) damages (...)


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