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David Evans

Competition Policy International (Boston), Berkeley Research Group (Boston)
Global Leader for Digital Economy and Platform Markets

David Evans was Chairman at the Global Economics Group from March 2011 to March 2023 when he joined Berkely Research Group to launch the Digital Economy and Platform Markets Practice. He is an economist, business advisor and a recognized global authority on the design and implementation of complex business strategies and business models. David Evans has more than 25 years of experience helping companies worldwide design business strategies to overcome the “chicken and egg” problem of getting multiple customer groups on board the same platform at the same time. David Evans and his long-time collaborator, Dick Schmalensee, are among the early pioneers in the research of “multi-sided markets” and the economic principles that inform the unique design of business models, pricing and incentive structures, and product design for these platform-based businesses. David Evans is a visiting professor at University College London and the University of Chicago. David Evans has a Ph.D. and undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Chicago. He also serves on the boards of several high-technology companies and is a longtime advisor to some of the largest platform-based companies in the world.


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David Evans Trustbusters : Competition, Policy Authorities, Speak out


Competition policy (antitrust in the United States) has grown explosively in the last quarter century. As of 2004, 102 countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe, had national competition laws on their books and authorities to enforce them. Together, these countries account for more than 85 percent (...)



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