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Damiano Canapa

Lenz & Staehelin (Geneva)
Research assistant

Damiano Canapa is research assistant/Lecturer at the University of Zurich. Previously, Mr. Canapa was a member of the competition law department of Lenz & Staehelin Geneva. He holds a Masters Degree in Law from the University of Lausanne and obtained an LL.M., specialising in European Law in 2007, after studies at the College of Europe in Bruges.


4628 Bulletin

Adrien Alberini, Damiano Canapa The Swiss Competition Commission authorizes the pre-implementation of a merger before its formal notification (Schaeffler/Continental)


On the 25th August 2008, Schaeffler KG (hereafter, “Schaeffler”) informed the Secretariat of the Swiss Competition Commission (hereafter, “Comco”) about its public takeover bid on Continental. Together with this information, Schaeffler asked for a pre-implementation eventually under conditions. By (...)

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