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BonelliErede (Rome)

Claudio Tesauro is a partner in the Rome office. He is the Head of the Antitrust Department which has lawyers based in Brussels, Rome and Milan. He focuses on EU and Competition law. In this field he has acquired significant experience in telecommunications and media, energy and gas, transportation, financial, insurance and postal services sectors. He is active both in administrative proceedings, before the Italian Antitrust Authority and the European Commission, and in in court ones before Italian Courts (including the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal) and the European Court of Justice. Claudio Tesauro began his professional career at Fox & Horan in New York. He moved to Brussels in 1990 where he did a stage in the European Commission’s Legal Service, Competition Department. In 1992 he become one the founding partners of the law firm Tizzano-Pappalardo. Accordingly he was a contributing partner in the founding of Bonelli Erede Pappalardo. He is a member of the Board of Directors of TNT Mail Italia, and President of Save the Children Italia Onlus and the Italian Antitrust Association. He held the John Monnet Chair at the University Institute S. Orsola Banincasa of Naples. Claudio Tesauro graduated from the University of Naples in 1987 and obtained a Masters degree in Comparative Law (LLMCJ) at the New York University School of Law, with his final paper on international arbitration.

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