Macchi di Cellere Gangemi (Rome)

Claudia Calvani

Macchi di Cellere Gangemi (Rome)
Lawyer (Associate)

Claudia Calvani (Latina, 1983), after a two-years experience in a primary international law firm in Rome, is currently Associate at Studio Legale Macchi di Cellere Gangemi. She focuses on litigation relevant to civil, corporate, financial and bankruptcy matters. She obtained a Law Degree magna cum laude at Università degli Studi di Siena (2008), with a dissertation in European Union law in theme of environmental liability of multinational corporations. She spent 2004-2005 academic year at the University College London (UK) within the Erasmus Programme and in 2006-2007 she studied at the University of Connecticut - School of Law (US), where she obtained the International Programme Degree. In 2010 she attended the XIX Course of specialization in legal and judicial careers at Istituto Giuridico Regionale del Lazio “A.C. Jemolo”. Claudia Calvani is fluent in English and she is currently studying French.

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Macchi di Cellere Gangemi (Rome)
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711 Bulletin

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On December 14th, 2011 the Italian Competition Authority (hereinafter, ICA) fined for abuse of dominant position according to art. 102 TFUE one of the main Italian companies providing for gas supply service, by mean of concession contracts, in more than a thousand Italian cities (amongst which (...)

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