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Carlos Pascual Pons

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Carlos Pascual Pons is Economics & Regulation Partner at KPMG Spain. Previously, Mr. Pons was Director General for Competition. He graduated in Economics at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, he joined the civil service as State Economist. He has worked in different areas in the field of competition policy, first as Senior Case Officer in the Restrictive Practices Division and after as Head of the International Division. His experience in the civil service also includes positions outside the specific area of the competition field, in the Telecommunications Ministry as economic advisor to the Secretary of State for Telecommunications. In March 2001 he was appointed Deputy Director General of Sectorial Analysis in the Ministry of Economy, responsible for regulation of retail telecommunications prices and for microeconomic analysis of governmental policies. In May 2004 he was appointed Head of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Economy.

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8047 Revue

Carlos Pascual Pons, Jérôme Gallot, Marie-Dominique Hagelsteen, Olivier Fréget Conseil de la concurrence et DGCCRF :
A propos d’un éventuel rapprochement


Le rapport Novelli, rédigé au nom de la Commission des finances, de l’économie générale et du Plan, a posé la question d’un éventuel rapprochement de la DGCCRF et du Conseil de la concurrence à la faveur de ce dernier. Le Comité de rédaction de la revue Concurrences a interrogé deux anciens responsables de (...)