DG COMP (Brussels)

Bertrand Jehanno

SGAE - Secrétariat Général des Affaires Européennes (Paris), DG COMP (Brussels)
Head of Sector

Bertrand Jéhanno is Head of Sector - Internal market, Consumers, Competition, State Aid, Armament at the General Secretariat for European Affairs, France.

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DG COMP (Brussels)
European Commission (Brussels)
European Commission (Brussels)
DG COMP (Brussels)
DG COMP (Brussels)


1933 Bulletin

Bertrand Jéhanno, Carl-Christian Buhr, Julia Brockhoff, Penelope Papandropoulos, Peter Eberl, Vera Pozzato The EU Commission clears a merger in the online advertising market applying for the first time the non horizontal merger guidelines (Google / DoubleClick)


"Google/DoubleClick : The first test for the Commission’s nonhorizontal merger guidelines"* I. Introduction The Google/DoubleClickmerger generated considerable interest as it concerned the ubiquitous search engine that most Europeans use in their daily lives. From a competition policy (...)

Bertrand Jéhanno, Franck Dupont, Johannes Lübking, Peter Eberl, Sandra Kijewski The EU Commission conditionally approves a merger in the music publishing business addressing the issue of market power of music publishers in view of evolutions in digital music publishing (Universal / BMG)


"Universal / BMG : Market power of music publishers in view of evolutions in digital music publishing"* On 22 May 2007, the European Commission approved, subject to conditions, the acquisition by Universal Music Group Inc. (“Universal”) of BMG Music Publishing (“BMG”). Both companies are active in (...)

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