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Athanase Popov

DG ENERGY (Luxembourg)
Legal officer

Athanase Popov is a legal officer at the European Commission. He holds a PhD in European Union law from the Luxembourg University. Being a French and Bulgarian national with a Franco-English legal education, he has previous experience from various firms, law firms and organisations in France and Bulgaria and is also qualified as part of the "promotion Attali" at the Paris Bar school. His fields of interest and research areas cover competition law, EU procedural law, international arbitration and public international law.

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542 Bulletin

Athanase Popov The EU Court of Justice rules that the Commission did not adequately identify the reference framework for assessing whether a tax ruling constituted illegal State aid (Fiat Chrysler)


Tax rulings are a particularly sensitive topic in Luxembourg. They certainly constitute a controversial practice as their final effect is to limit taxation for large multinational companies with a huge turnover as compared to the average taxpayer. On the other hand, countries such as Luxembourg (...)

Athanase Popov The EU General Court annuls the Commission’s State aid decision on the basis that it lacked jurisdiction to implement relevant law in a situation where all relevant facts have taken place before Romania’s accession to the EU (Micula)


The Micula case has been used by the opponents of investment treaty arbitration to argue that such arbitration circumvents and breaches EU State aid law. The Micula case was initially about the judicial review of the withdrawal of individual incentives granted to the investor and withdrawn by (...)

Athanase Popov The EU Court of Justice preliminarily determines that a Lithuanian aid scheme for the provision of public interest services in the electricity sector breaches State aid rules (Achema / Orlen Lietuva / Lifosa / VKEKK)


The judgment of the Court of 15 May 2019 in case C-706/17, delivered upon a request for a preliminary ruling from the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (“Achema”), replicates the analysis which was previously established in Association Vent de Colère !. The judgment in Achema thus follows (...)

6531 Revue

Athanase Popov Transparency in EU Procurements : Disclosure Within Public Procurement and During Contract Execution, Kirsi-Maria HALONEN, Roberto CARANTA et Albert SANCHEZ-GRAELLS


Cette rubrique recense et commente les ouvrages et autres publications en droit de la concurrence, droit & économie de la concurrence et en droit de la régulation. Une telle recension ne peut par nature être exhaustive et se limite donc à présenter quelques publications récentes dans ces (...)

Athanase Popov European Merger Remedies. Law and Policy, Dorte HOEG


As merger transactions become more complex, so do the remedies involved. This book seeks to identify and examine the most important aspects of merger remedies, which have emerged and evolved in the European Commission’s policy and practice over the past 20 years. The in-depth analysis of (...)

Athanase Popov Market Building through Antitrust


Market Building through Antitrust investigates the role of antitrust policy in the building of competitive energy markets in Europe. By looking at the specific problem of long-term supply and access contracts in the electricity sector, the book questions the suitability of antitrust policy as (...)

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