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Anna Dotsi is an LLM student at UCL. She received her first degree from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She also studied European Union Law and Internet Law at the University of Sheffield (UK). Anna speaks Greek, English, French and Italian.

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1432 Bulletin

Anna Dotsi The Cypriot Competition Authority finds that the free administration of a vaccine with every purchase of vaccines constitutes unlawful tying (Panayotou / Wyeth Hellas / Phadisco)


The decision of the Cypriot Competition Commission issued on 12 April 2013 concerns a complaint submitted on 07/10/2005 by Akis Panayotou and Son Ltd (from now on ‘’the complainant’’) against Wyeth Hellas SA (Cyprus Branch) which has been since succedeed by Pfizer Hellas Commercial Industrial (...)

Anna Dotsi The Hellenic Competition Commission dismisses the allegations of abuse of the relationship of economic dependency and anti-competitive behaviour launched by an office materials distributor against a leading office materials producer (Dakos / Brother International Europe)


The undertakings In 2008 ‘‘Dakos.S.A.’’ brought a complaint against ‘‘Brother International Europe Ltd’’ alleging breach of article 1(1) and 2(a) of Greek law 703/77 on the control of monopolies and oligopolies and the protection of free competition, as well as article 101 TFEU. The Hellenic (...)

Anna Dotsi The Italian Competition Authority accepts the commitments of the oil companies under investigation for restriction of competition on the fuel market and closes the investigation (Fuel cartel)


In 18 January 2007 the Italian Competition Commission (Autorita Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato, ‘ICC’) launched an investigation in order to examine allegations of violation of article 101 TFEU and law 287/1990 consisting in restrictions in the italian market of automotive fuels by (...)

Anna Dotsi The Italian Competition Authority finds no violation of the competition law by the contractual model used by ice cream manufacturer with its retailers and no foreclosure of the relevant market (Sagit, Samontana, Nestle and Gelati Sanson)


Background In July 2003, Sagit, a company headquartered in Italy and active in the production of frozen food and ice cream, submitted a voluntary disclosure, within the meaning of article 13 and 4 of law n. 287/90, of the contractual model it intended to apply in dealings with its retail (...)


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