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Andrea Lofaro is Partner at RBB Economics. Andrea Lofaro started work in economic consultancy in 1998 after completing his PhD. His consulting experience includes work on numerous Phase II EC Merger Regulation cases in a range of industries including banking, online advertising, insurance, oil, paper, packaging and petrochemical products. He has also worked on mergers in the telecommunication, energy and transport sectors, and on a number of cartel and abuse of dominance cases. His clients have included Google, GE, Sony BMG, Endesa, Heinz, Pirelli, Autogrill, Bombardier, Total and SEB Bank. He has given oral evidence before the EC Commission, the UK Competition Commission, the Italian competition authority (AGCM), the Belgian Conseil de la Concurrence and the South African Competition Commission and Tribunal. Andrea has published widely on competition policy and industrial economics in journals including the Antitrust Bulletin, the European Competition Law Review, The European Business Organization Law Review, the European Journal of Political Economy and the Journal of Economics.

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2907 Bulletin

Andrea Lofaro The EU Commission clears in Phase II a merger in computer programming activities sector conducting the economic analysis based on a dynamic theory of harm (Oracle / Sun Microsystems)


A few thoughts on Oracle’s Sun takeover and Widenius appeal* On Friday 2nd July, Monty Widenius, founder of open source database company MySQL, owned by Sun, filed an appeal against the European Commission’s unconditional clearance of the merger between Oracle and Sun Microsystems. The main (...)

Andrea Lofaro, Stephen Lewis The UK Competition Commission clears a merger leading to a 90% market share in the harbour towage services subject to divestment of a port (Adsteam/Svitzer)


In February 2007, the UK Competition Commission (hereafter, the “CC”) cleared the acquisition of Adsteam Marine Ltd. (“Adsteam”) by SvitzerWijsmuller A/S (“Svitzer”) . Each of the two parties was the sole supplier of harbour towage services in a number of UK ports and after the merger the new (...)

705 Revue

Andrea Lofaro, Bernard Amory, Jan Peter van der Veer, Laurent de Muyter Ouverture à la concurrence des secteurs protégés, faut-il protéger les nouveaux entrants ? (New Frontiers of Antitrust, Paris, 22 février 2013)


La première table-ronde de la conférence “Demain la concurrence” du 22 février 2013 à Paris, était dédiée à l’ « Ouverture à la concurrence des secteurs protégés : Faut-il protéger les nouveaux entrants ? ». Dans la première contribution, Bernard Amory et Laurent de Muyter, avocats, fournissent quelques (...)

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