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Adrien Alberini is a Partner at Sigma Legal in Geneva. He was previously a member of the Competition law department of Lenz & Staehelin and also worked as research and teaching assistant in Swiss and European competition law at the University of Geneva and holds a Ph.D, the title of his thesis being “Technology transfer agreements in European competition law - An analysis with regard to rules governing research and development, production and distribution agreements”.


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Adrien Alberini Merger control in the IT sector : An overview of EU and national case law


Competition law, and merger control in particular, is a prime location to observe and participate in the evolution of the IT sector from a technology, economic and legal perspective. From Microsoft to Google through Oracle/Sun Microsystems, it has been a fantastic – and sometimes hectic – journey. More recently, cases such as Microsoft/LinkedIn and Facebook/WhatsApp have demonstrated how fascinating this field remains. Because IT is converging with other technologies (particularly biotech and medtech) and is increasingly related to other business sectors such as banking, media and entertainment, the boundaries will be pushed further and, consequently, there is much more to come.

Adrien Alberini, Damiano Canapa The Swiss Competition Commission authorizes the pre-implementation of a merger before its formal notification (Schaeffler/Continental)


On the 25th August 2008, Schaeffler KG (hereafter, “Schaeffler”) informed the Secretariat of the Swiss Competition Commission (hereafter, “Comco”) about its public takeover bid on Continental. Together with this information, Schaeffler asked for a pre-implementation eventually under conditions. By (...)


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