Giedre Padaigiene

Walless (Lithuania)
Lawyer (Senior Associate)

Giedre Padaigiene is a competition lawyer at the Lithuanian law firm WALLESS. With over 10 years’ experience, Giedre is a well-known practitioner of competition law in Lithuania. Giedre was involved in some of the most complex merger and antitrust cases in Lithuania. Before joining WALLESS, Ms Giedre worked as competition lawyer at two other Lithuanian law firms Valiunas Ellex and SORAINEN as well as the German law firm Hengeler Mueller in Düsseldorf. She also was a blue book trainee at DG Competition in Brussels.


7649 Bulletin

Giedre Padaigiene The Vilnius Regional Administrative Court upholds the Competition Authority’s decision fining two construction companies for joint bidding in 24 tenders (PST / Irdaiva)


On 14 May 2018, the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania fining two construction companies : UAB IRDAIVA and AB PST for entering into anti- competitive joint bidding agreement . The Court confirmed the Competition (...)

Giedre Padaigiene Lithuanian Competition Council terminates the investigation of the merger between two passenger transport companies in the Phase-II after parties abandoned the transaction (Toks / Kautra)


On the 2nd September 2014 the Lithuanian Competition Council (LCC) issued its decision to terminate the investigation of acquisition of a passenger transport company Toks by its largest competitor Kautra. The decision was passed on the last day of the Phase-II after Kautra decided to abandon (...)

Giedre Padaigiene The Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Court upholds the annulment of the Competition Authority’s cartel decision for price fixing in the waste management sector (PEATA)


On 2 September 2010 the Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Court (LSAC) upheld the lower court judgment in annulling the Lithuanian Competition Council (LCC) decision in the waste management cartel. Earlier that year the Association of Packaging and Electronic Waste Processors (PEATA) and its (...)

Giedre Padaigiene The Lithuanian Competition Authority for the third time finds the State-controlled airport guilty of abuse of a dominant position in operating airport facilities (Vilnius Airport / Baltic ground services)


On 5 November 2009 the Lithuanian Competition Council (LCC) delivered its third infringement decision, in a two-year period, against the Vilnius international airport operator, State Enterprise Tarptautinis Vilniaus oro uostas for (TVOU), for the anti-competitive practice of tying the service (...)

Giedre Padaigiene The Lithuanian Competition Council fines three consulting agencies for collusive tendering in the market for consulting on projects supported by the EU structural funds (Eurointegracijos projektai, EIP Kaunas, EIP Vilnius)


On 10 July 2008 the Lithuanian Competition Council (LCC) passed a decision on three consulting agencies for collusive tendering in the market for consulting on projects supported by the European Union structural funds. UAB Eurointegracijos projektai, UAB EIP Kaunas, UAB EIP Vilnius (together (...)

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