Information Exchange and Related Risks A Jurisdictional Guide

Zoltán Marosi, Marcio Soares (eds.)

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The prohibition on exchanging commercially sensitive information among competitors is one of the most fundamental antitrust rules. Companies and individuals may face potential exposure for anticompetitive information exchange, not only in their day-to-day business due to the applicable conduct and behavioral rules, but also in the context of M&A deals due to applicable gun jumping regulations. The Cartels Working Group of the Antitrust Section of the International Bar Association has formulated a comparative guide across 28 jurisdictions, encompassing all global regions, to provide a compendium of best practices and key insights about leading cases, laws and regulations, as well as enforcement trends. Contributed by distinguished practitioners, each chapter provides an overview of the national competition rules and principles that guide information sharing in that jurisdiction, followed by the types of information sharing that may be caught, the enforcement policies and practices of the competition authority and applicable sanctions for parties that are found guilty of an illegal exchange of information. The book also provides a high level overview by the editors outlining trends observed across jurisdictions, to provide insight to the international business community, their advisors as well as to competition authorities.

The jurisdictions covered include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, European Union, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Published in cooperation with the International Bar Association.

Foreword by Anthony M. Collins

With contributions from: Melanie Aitken, Vladislav Alifirov, Nils Alvång, Rafique Bachour, Nicolas Birkhäuser, Timur Bondaryev, Sabrina Borocci, Nicolás Cardona Baquero, Elsa Chen, Emrys Davis, Stijn de Jong, Marcio Soares, Dmitry Domnin, Oleksander Dyakulych, Roos Elemans, Alejandro García de Brigard, Damien Geradin, Jacob Giesecke, Gitit Levin Grinberg, Marilyn Guirguis, Juan Cristóbal Gumucio, Gönenç Gürkaynak, Niina Hanninen, Fernanda Hermosilla, Marie-Luise Heuer, Pierre Honoré, Kristian Hugmark, Abdullah Hussain, Anna Huttenlauch, Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Heather Irvine, Youngjin Jung, Max Klasse, Cristóbal Lema, João Marcelo Lima, Lily Loeffler, Zoltán Marosi, Ellen McCrea, Carlos Mena Labarthe, Nazeera Mia, Aurora Muselli, Carolyn Oddie, Ami Paanajärvi, Edgar Martín Padilla, Anastasiia Panchak, Alysha Pannu, Sarah Parker, Julián Peña, Elizabeth Prewitt, Aaditya Ranbir Sahgal, Federico Rossi, Vassily Rudomino, Daren Shiau, Anastasia Yarygina, Marta Simón, Nidhi Singh Prakash, Alessandro Stanchieri, Christof Swaak, Mariana Tavares de Araujo, Deirdre Taylor, Cristina Vila, Peter Wang, Andrew Ward, Yichen Wu, Qiang Xue, Aya Yasui, İ. Baran Can Yıldırım and Yizhe Zhang.

Read the Foreword by Anthony M. Collins, the Introduction by Zoltán Marosi and Marcio Soares & Browse the Table of Contents.

This book was presented at the 26th Annual Competition Conference of the International Bar Association, 9 Sep - 10 Sep 2022 in Florence, Italy.