Competition Law, Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability

Simon Holmes, Dirk Middelschulte, Martijn Snoep

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The consensus is clear - climate change is the defining challenge of our time. Meeting this challenge requires a collaborative and inclusive response from all segments of society - including private businesses. What role then for competition law and policy?

This important and timely book gathers academics, enforcers, economists, lawyers, and industry representatives to explore the applications and limitations of EU competition law in achieving environmental sustainability aims in line with the European Commission’s Green Deal as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They identify the challenges of integrating environmental considerations into competition analysis presented by the existing framework, whether through cooperation by businesses, practices by dominant companies, or consideration of sustainability efficiencies in merger assessments. Practical examples across various sectors are also provided, alongside agency views from different jurisdictions, to illustrate how competition policy can facilitate a sustainable economy.

Foreword by Frans Timmermans
Introduction by Suzanne Kingston.

With contributions from Fiona Beattie, Marc Braithwaite, Stephane Bredt, Anton Burger, Alec Burnside, Rosy Cheetham-West, Martyn Chu, Jerome Cloarec, Emma Cochrane, Marjolein De Backer, Angélique de Brousse, Isabelle De Silva, Gianni De Stefano, Sandrine Delarue, Eleni Diamantopoulou, Maurits Dolmans, Jordan Ellison, Tomaso Ferrando, Georgina Foster, Morgan Frontczak, Andreas Gayk, Ben Graham, Martijn Han, Marios Iacovides, Nicole Kar, Boris Kasten, Ioannis Lianos, Benjamin Linke, Claudio Lombardi, Michelle Meagher, Hugh Mullan, Grant Murray, Luc Peeperkorn, Laura Puglisi, Hendrik Reffken, Simon Roberts, Nicole Robins, Ian Rose, Maarten-Pieter Schinkel, Bella Spring, Delphine Strohl, Wendy Thian, Patrick Thieffry, Christopher Thomas, Leonard Treuren, Ella Van Der Brink, Theon Van Dijk, Chris Vrettos, Willem Vriesendorp, Mike Walker, James Webber, and Udo Woll.

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