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Matthew Giles is a global professional support lawyer - Antitrust/Competition at Covington & Burling. Up till July 2023, he wasa senior knowledge lawyer with Hogan Lovells in the Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation (ACER) practice in London – working with ACER’s London and Brussels-based lawyers (and their clients) to help meet their training and knowledge management needs.

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Angus Coulter, Mehran (Mez) Azizi, Eleanor Winn, Matt Giles The EU Court of Justice AG Collins urges the Court of Justice to dismiss an appeal to overturn a gun jumping fine of €124.5M in the telecommunications sector (Altice / PT Portugal)


An EU Advocate General has advised that an appeal brought by Altice should be dismissed in its entirety – in effect confirming the validity of a 2018 European Commission decision imposing a record fine on Altice for breaching EU merger control rules in relation to its 2015 purchase of (...)

Christopher Hutton, Mehran (Mez) Azizi, Matt Giles, Angus Coulter, Alice Wallace-Wright The UK Competition Authority unwinds merger between the two largest suppliers of "ready to bake" products to national grocery retailers (Cerelia / Jus-Rol)


The CMA has concluded that a merger between the two largest suppliers of ready to bake products to UK grocery retailers should be unwound, highlighting the risks of choosing to complete mergers without first receiving CMA clearance. On 20 January 2023, the UK Competition and Markets (...)

Christopher Hutton, Matt Giles, Falk Schoening, Christopher Thomas, Harrison Gower The EU Commission adopts guidelines on "solo self-employed" persons and their collective bargaining rights


The European Commission has adopted guidelines addressing the application of EU competition law to the "solo self-employed". The guidelines clarify situations in which certain self-employed individuals may work collectively to seek improvements in working conditions without falling foul of (...)

Christopher Peacock, Christopher Hutton, Robert Gardener, Mehran (Mez) Azizi, Matt Giles The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy prohibits the acquisition of British intellectual property by a Chinese Company (Beijing Infinite Vision Technology / University of Manchester)


The UK Government this week prohibited the acquisition of intellectual property owned by the University of Manchester by a Chinese company – marking the first time the UK Government has exercised its powers to block a transaction under new national security rules. On 20 July 2022, the UK’s (...)

Christopher Hutton, Christopher Peacock, Matt Giles The UK Government announces a series of proposed reforms to competition law enforcement aiming to produce a “best in class” competition regime to allow the UK to exploit post-Brexit opportunities


In what could herald the most significant changes to the UK competition regime in 25 years, the UK Government has announced a series of proposed reforms to UK competition law enforcement. The stated aims of the reforms are to produce a “best in class” competition regime to allow the UK to (...)

Charles Brasted, Christopher Hutton, Alice Wallace-Wright, Matt Giles, Robert Gardener The UK Government launches the Digital Markets Unit as the first step towards an unashamedly pro-competition regime focused on the position of Big Tech


The UK Government has launched the much anticipated Digital Markets Unit (DMU) as a first step towards an “unashamedly pro-competition" regime focused on the position of “tech giants”. The DMU will, however, initially lack its own enforcement powers and there is still a lot to play for in (...)

Charles Brasted, Matt Giles, Telha Arshad, Stelios Charitopoulos, Morven Macaulay The UK Government announces its intention to establish a dedicated Digital Markets Unit to protect competition in respect of digital platforms


The United Kingdom and the European Union are set to take bold strides towards the regulation of digital markets in coming months. While both are broadly aligned in their intention to better regulate large tech companies, the extent to which their post-Brexit regulatory approaches might (...)

Simi Malhi, Ciara Kennedy-Loest, Christopher Hutton, Matt Giles, Angus Coulter, Mark Jones The UK Competition Authority publishes guidance on forms of cooperation considered as temporarily permissible during the COVID-19 outbreak


Competition/antitrust laws generally require rival firms to operate on the market independently of each other and tolerate cooperation between competitors only in limited circumstances where any resulting loss of competition is clearly offset by consumer benefits. But as businesses scramble to (...)

Mark Jones, Matt Giles The UK Competition Authority issues its annual plan for 2020/2021 which aims to give clarity to the Competition Authority’s objectives for the next year and clarifies its position during the social and economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 outbreak


The UK Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA") recently issued its Annual Plan for 2020/2021, which aims to give clarity to the CMA’s objectives for the next year. The report acknowledges that its publication comes out at a time of massive social and economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 (...)

Mark Jones, Matt Giles The EU Commission fines a camera and printer manufacturer €28M for partially implementing its acquisition prior to the transaction being notified to the Commission (Canon / Toshiba)


On 27 June 2019, the European Commission (Commission) announced it had fined Japanese camera and printer manufacturer, Canon, €28m for partially implementing its 2016 acquisition of Toshiba Medical Systems prior to the transaction being notified to the Commission and, as a result, before it (...)

Matt Giles The UK OFT finds that an exchange of information on independant school fees violates national competition provisions but accepts a "structured settlement" (Independent Schools)


Office of Fair Trading, 20 November 2006, Decision n° CA98/05/2006, Exchange of information on future fees by certain independent fee-paying schools, Case CE/2890-03 In late December 2006, the UK Office of Fair Trading ("OFT") published a decision in which it found the exchange of (...)


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