Research Handbook on European State Aid Law, Leigh HANCHER and Juan Jorge PIERNAS LÓPEZ

Leigh Hancher, Juan Jorge Piernas López

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The second edition of the Research Handbook on European State Aid Law, edited by Professor Leigh Hancher and Juan Jorge Piernas López, presents a new and exciting study of both the legal and economic issues that fall within the scope of state aid law (Article 107 TFEU).

The diversity of authors and research thus offers readers an unprecedented panorama of works on this major subject of European Union economic law.

The articles presented also go beyond the classic public law/private law divide, which is sometimes inappropriate for this field. The contributions on the private enforcement of State aid law or on the interactions between this field and public procurement law expressly mention this.

While the scope of the contributions in this book is vast and covers traditional topics of State aid control, these studies offer up-to-date analyses of the latest case law, European Commission decisions and the most recent soft law.

This research also covers subjects that are still insufficiently addressed by the doctrine despite their major stakes, such as the relationship between the control of state aid and international trade law presented by Luca Rubini or the law of public procurement, addressed by Albert Sánchez-Graells. In the same way, this book includes theoretical but also practical analyses that can satisfy a very wide audience.

Therefore, although this handbook is not only intended for researchers, but also for practitioners, whether in the private or public sector, the scope of the proposed research and its quality make this book accessible to lawyers and economists specialising in State aid law, but also to those who are curious about this subject.

The latter has been characterised by dynamism and even expansion in recent years, as illustrated by the study on tax rescissions and State aid, or those on Brexit or arbitration.

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Vincent Bridoux, Research Handbook on European State Aid Law, Leigh HANCHER and Juan Jorge PIERNAS LÓPEZ, November 2021, Concurrences N° 4-2021, Art. N° 103401, pp.222

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